76.            MARIO

You know me from my school years
But I wonder if you really know me
This collection of poetry may enlighten you.
From being that quite friend that followed you around
To somebody who will take the lead
And have some prominent opinions
About life which may scare you.
I will always give you more
Than I am willing to receive.
I gave you the best
Of the little I had,
Although we helped each other in need.
You have now followed other friends,
They were more of your status
As they were married with children.
I was alone and shy
With a dose of schizophrenia.
I wonder if any of you knew
That much of those things other had against me
Was because of the symptoms of this illness
And not just spite or just neglect.
Know that I need support
And value your friendship
That is why half my house is by you.