7.            MEDICAL BOARD ONE

No more weapons training for you sir
And no more weapons for you sir.
Those wonderful articles no more sir
They bring all of us stress sir.
Take photographs on occasion sir,
You just sit tight on nothing sir
So that those who hunt you can calm down
And you can find your mental strength sir.
Yet the environment haunts you
When those familiar faces gaze at you
As a good for nothing and a lucky one
Whose merits set him free
Of hi peers mental misery.
Can they not see the enforced environment?
Can they not see my will to perform?
Can they no see symptoms of schizophrenia?
No they see an outcast and a preferred one
Who avoids his medicine of hope
As it tires him and keep him doped.
He has fallen to that of a tramp of no hope
In the hostile environment of no hope
Which discriminates before he can cope.