9.            MEDICAL BOARD TWO

Dear Sir you are sick, she said.
I am fine, I still do not want medicine, he said
I am going to board you, she said
I want the approval of Mr. Credo Mutwa, he said
Is he a healer and friend of your family, She asked
Yes and he wrote, Indaba, My Children
And Don’t Let My Country Die, he said.

He was the one who knew me as that baby
That confused my uncle Bowen Botha
Who found trust in Credo Mutwa
Because my uncle was concerned
About the possibility of evil
That could lurk in a wooden sculpture
Of a bird and a snake which this baby took hold of
And Credo told him not to concern
When this baby take hold of it
It is not evil.

On 30 November 1999 set him free,
A free environment and a free heart.
He now lives on a small pension
And on a disabled comprehension.
Yet the freedom healed him
In this environment of liberty.
He was healed from this misery
And can heal other in such poverty,
As the Spear of Love, is his name.