I know you know I was a photojournalist
But I wonder if you know
I worked for the secret registry
Of Chief of Staff Operations,
Chief of Staff Planning
And Chief of Defence Force Staff
And later worked with their personal matters.
But Caesar’s secrets are secrets I keep
But I have no secrets
I only keep those of Caesar’s.
The first time I met your kind
Was at tow Squadron
At Air Force Base Hoedspruit
They used to camp out
Their equipment in my hangers.
That was when I was an apprentice armourer
Of the three Mirage III interceptors
At the end of the runway.
I always had respect for you
And will help your kind
When they act by the rules
Of the United Nations,
Then I can help you
And those lost souls
You worry about.
I am a member
Of Amnesty International
And like some ex Gravelotte members
I was on the square.