83.       PIET PILOT

If a national team loses the game
He will always tell me it is my team
As if he did not belong to this country.
He pilots mostly domestic flight
Have old memories of the Air Force.
And once when I need it
He will fly me up an old computer
From the Cape via Pringle Bay.
A hide out of his is situated there
Called Piet se Residensie
And English Piet’s residence
Of which I had heard so many stories.
That one day visiting my father at Velliersdorp
I made special effort to find it
And to proof I was there I took a photo.
Unfortunately Piet was not there
And I had to drink his Windhoek Light.
This pilot can be a betting man
He seem to always bet on Ferrari
As certain members
Disappeared from the bar
Because they owe him some money.
So bet on Piet
He will make my day
May be with Bafana
Or the green and gold.