22.            SOCIAL WORK

Real social work is vast
It involves the whole social sphere
Even when specializing in mental health
But the mentally ill conform difficult
To the normal cult
And their results is poor
As their social progress report.
Yet social work is our key
To reintegrate us in to society,
It should be a contract
Between the community,
Professionals and end users,
On an equal basis.
Those social workers
In mental health
Comparatively spend their efforts
Proportionally to the needs of our cause
Without the current pause,
To deliver services which pay high rates
To indicate their success.
Only the current concerns
Of the mentally ill
Of mental health
Will always be there
And the basic needs to their services
We will therefore organize ourselves
To support our social services
Only if social support
Will give us recognized attention
And guide our efforts
With utmost care.