96.       THE SAAF

How I tried to get your attention
Those top and prize wining staff papers.
The interview with Major Barnes
Of the M.P.I. of the then
Military Medical Corps
At 7 MED Battalion.
How he wanted me to study
Social sciences at Pretoria University
And they said they paid too much for me
I had to remain a personnel clerk
So the Medics saved some money.
Did they even know
I won the international
Golden Poet Award
And had to be in the USA
In a Hilton hotel
In Washington DC.
While we had a cultural boycott.
General P. Steyn did
Before he became
Secretary of Defence.
They were worried
The USA will make me an offer
And I would stay there.
So for all the trouble I gave you
With this collection of poetry
We can call it quits
And now can be friends.