Alone you must make your stand
I am all right, I am fine, and I am special
Why are you here? They asked
I don not know, I have special powers and tasks
And I hide from those who will harm me
Book in for the night how insulting
Take medicine for what? How insulting
They want to pick my brain and control it
They are also from the other side
From a world on the outside
Can they not hear what I hear?
Can they not see what I see?
Can they not reason my thoughts?
Can they not fear what I fear?
Avoid the medicine poison
You must run and hide yourself
And make them feel happy and safe
Wait until I am released and I will never return
It is not my denial it is theirs
They do not want to recognize my inner world
Why should I recognize theirs?
Eventually the thought dawns
Work with in their system
Bargain for your own control
For better medicine and understanding
Bargain your needs and keep your promises
And they will begin to understand
Your inner world and gifts
You are an extraordinary person
Only if you can keep your promises
You can find liberty and freedom
And all of mankind can be friends
To be together we all must pay a price
Even the professionals need cognitive behavioural therapy
But to negotiate starts cognitive remedial therapy
For they can control the outer world
As we are in control of the inner world
Do not cheat, blame and abuse
Just stick to your promises
As you will win and find a remedy.