5.            VOICES

Ever seen a young one talk to themselves
Or to imaginary friends?
My mother and maid has seen such an event
Later and mature I heard a voice and ignored it
Ten I became ill and delusional
As my voices were commentary telepathic suggestions
But some of my friends are different
There have a complete
Verbal discussions with them.
They will emotional argue with them
And suddenly pleasing talk to you
If nothing has changed.
I could hear the voices comment
On personal issues and actions
As they have the very insight
Of their victim’s mind.
There is no truce
You are either with them
Or you are against them
And they even change sides
For they haunt you if you can not ignore them.
But the voices may disappear
With anti psychotic medicine
Yet they may reappear
No matter any medicine.
You have to conquer them,
Cut them off as a lost book,
A living story book of alive recording
Which want to highjack your sanity
If you would not ignore them
For what they are;
Audio dreams of a living story
And not reality.