Through out the past many of our brother and sisters of mankind have errorsly valued us. My individual effort to enlighten to my mind, actions and projects is only a personal effort whose successes and faults are mostly my own with their own particular supporters. I have said it before, if I am given plentiful talents to exercise, then I must laboursly double my quota.
            It is not me who complete with my neighbour but I in being such servant before my Creator. Each person has his or her own talents which they must develop and fulfil as required by the Creator and to compete between each other would not serve such a purpose. For how privilege the servant with lesser talents and double them to be found a worthy servant to one who have a richness of talents and must work so much harder. This true wisdom mankind will find the day they stop aspiring to be God the Creator and measure themselves with each other in competition.
            That day they will discover that their minds, souls and spirits have all unique limits and that those limits could only be surpassed with the will of the Creator’s Holy Spirit in first strengthening the individual spirit, then soul, mind and eventually the material body’s action in this world.
            Wrong was the days people thought they could acquire wisdom through own will, study, control, power and as a collective means. Wisdom is both given and taken by the Creator to whom He finds as a worthy servant or not worthy servant.
            No man, woman or collective group how capable could ever provide the approval seal of wisdom on anther.
            It is this wisdom and its perception Field Marshal Jan C. Smuts in his Holistic works and Book “Holism an Evolution” published 1926 had in mind when referring to the human personality, its faith and character and in his conclusion as our golden section under his last chapter “the Holistic Universe”.
            Holism and Evolution, is actually more a book describing wisdom rather than any human study and to perceive it through such scientific minds would loose their total bearings as they have already lost in the nature of the Creation, the nature of equal and living Love between brother, sister and all living neighbours and most importantly for such untrue wisdom loses total insight to the source of real wisdom itself, the Holy Spirit in control of the submissive human servant.
            Therefore does collective and democratic pyramidical control and methods do not work in true wisdom before the Creator. Such truly wise men and women do not really climb physical mountains but climb spiritual mountains that distance them from human control and temptations which humanity may offer which truly only could be given to a worthy servant of the Creator.
            Through such wisdom, I can see the true wisdom of the individualist and their efforts and the very fundamental weaknesses of the collective and such democratic system whose only wisdom is to destroy itself through ever competition to be come worthy as gods. Therefore do I make reference to those who aspire to such powers, material riches and leadership of such groups as the Demigods and D-Humanization of mankind to that of animals, technological machines and Nihilistic philosophies of mankind’s total destruction as during World War I and nearly perfected in World War II by the separatist supporters of it ever since.


We are as the fruit and leaves
The male and female creations
Of the everlasting vine.
Long before our existence
We were formed in the scheme of things
And in spring birth was given to us.
It is our chance to fulfill the will of the vine
By summer the fruit and leaves are formed
To give their individual glory to the Creator.
Then the leaves give the vine the sun’s fruit
And the fruit gives its joy to all of creation,
Therefore is the vine only good.
With autumn is our work almost done
And both the fruit and leaves lost their inspiration
And only inspire the ground for a new generation
As they leave the vine as lost children.
Yet as winter nears the last falls to the ground
Where the evidence of their remains decay
Gone to sight is the shape of fruit and leaves
But their shadows are still there.
The fruit bare seed to grow other vines
And the leaves nourishes the earth
To provide for the vine’s next generation
So are both the fruit and leaves only a stage
Of the evolution of the great vine.
As mortality was only a stage of immortality
So the worthy must find themselves in the seeds
Of this everlasting fountain of life
And grow in its image with its own fruit and leaves.
So does our vine stretch beyond the universe
And our own fruits and leaves
Brings both joy and sorrow to this world
Of which we are only temporary hosts,
Extensions of a forgiving Father.
We must unite in our individual difference
How impractical is a vine
With just one great and same leave
And one great and same fruit,
Therefore must the good multiply
Until this vine fulfill its task
By Golden Section
And serve its wise fruits
In the Heavens of the Creator.

{Vixere fortes ante Agamemnona} and sometimes as a “Case Study” is done{ide’e fixe entre nous}, we find {verbum sapienti} this reality {a posteriori} on public display{chantage} as a {persona non grata}, than being integrated, excepted, equality, loved and being generally part of society {humanum est errare, De Profundis}.

That is when I {ex animo} clearly holistically observe {juste milieu} the world {facilis descensus Averni} in such {non compos mentis} psychotic {maison de sante’} secrecy of covert {via media} intelligence {ignotum per ignotus} twirl around me and my loved ones, in the name of science {et hoc genus omne}. But there comes a {Dies Irae} when my heart finds its {Deus ex machine, esto perpetua}.

Then this individualistic {gnothi seauton} term “Self justification {chose juge’e} of the puppet-masters of other ill minds” comes to mind {ad captandum vulgus}. Those decide my future {arrière pense’e} and lost theirs {dolce far niete} and their conscious {caput mortuum) as a new super {advocatus diaboli} people of one of my poem {sacu rem tangere}, “Mankind is like a Potato” {Dei gratia}, dated 20 June 1996, in my first book {edition princes} “A Poet in Disorder”.

- Jarret H. Clark. (30 September 2007)