Wisdom of the mind 12

A man proud of his dog came to me to help promote the dog, he mentioned his dog although a beautiful specimen and good natured and most probably over controlled was not considered pedigree only because of his longer hair by the authorities who have the right somehow to do so.

So I said to him “who are we as humans to decide on the dog if he is pedigree or not should not the dog decide that for himself? I did not say this then but I will say it now if mankind can find the most pedigreed specimen amongst us living with full honest agreement of every human being, then he or she have the right to judge this dog on his pedigree.

09 July 2006 (Fomer Keg & Musket)

(Much of wisdom repeats itself in some form or other form ancient time until now. The question is if mankind has advanced so far is it still relevant even now? May be it is only the few humble wise that have learnt what really matters and how to control those faults in themselves as best possible for they seem to know what to look for?)