Wisdom of the mind 16

For those who can not feel guilt or just do not care should carefully look at the diagnosis of personality disorders such as psychopaths and sociopaths and their prognosis, for I have mentioned our numbers are vast and real honest people will reveal themselves by just being themselves.

For some think repentance alone without honesty and truth will relieve them from their sins, then the equation would only read sin and forgiveness = freeness (For given by man), but the equation do not read so as it reads sin judgment and forgiveness = freeness (Forgiven by the Farther the Creator). For the Farther the Creator can see through your corrupt and fair minds and hateful and honest loving hearts as He is no fool.

 For all I am is an ordinary man who only try to be honest and seek out my faults through expression, search and discovery for I can only and first trust in the Farther the Creator and second in my neighbor as myself. For I have to keep from preaching to others but myself as they have their own access to the Holy Spirit in themselves which they must consult and nor do the Holy Spirit work for me or them as it belongs to the Farther the Creator. I am only a servant and as written remain a servant of the Farther the Creator; therefore can I not seek power or greatness beyond my means but only render the demands and service fairly requested.

None of those wise and cleaver people can vouch for me on judgment day as they themselves as individuals will be judged. For He will ask me I gave you talents how did you use them and He will ask me “I gave you the knowledge between good and evil” and how did you use it? And I can not say I relied on other expert opinions or pressures.

All I want is peace and to be left alone to be an ordinary person rendering an ordinary service even if I am gifted must I at least fulfil the basic demands of my Farther the Creator. Why is my self-search for faults, loving and humbleness a problem to others that I do not even have the freedom to do so or so in such fair expression? Do they fear themselves or want to block my development to be just one loving true and honest human? For I would not unnecessary take riches, power, as a servant that is not my place.

For what do you seek in my personal place, environment and my Farther the Creator’s temple, if you can not find it in your own you will not find it in me, but you gave me no freedom nor the will of the Farther the Creator.

What has to stand better than the rock of Gibraltar may be the rock in David and Daniel, even other ordinary men and women as myself searching for their other faults and mainly only preaching to themselves as what I am and suppose to be doing here in my private room with my Farther the Creator.

For each of us must honour the Farther the Creator first, and then only ourselves and our neighbours as ourselves. For that is the individual rock is not only proverbial me but all those individuals standing first with the Farther the Creator, for we as one rock stood steadfast in Him, from the past, present and future.

11 July 2006