Wisdom of the mind 17

As people request you to be nameless be worried for they want to say onto the Farther the Creator we did not know, for if we knew nor us or I would not have done so.

These few people want to be in control of the nameless and the Farther the Creator. For the Farther the Creator select if the person should remain nameless or not and in many times He select a person which other humans would not seem fit to be so as for instance Gideon, Jonah, Moses and many others.

But in many cases He requires us to be nameless, for if we do not know the outcome of our task we do not lay claim to it in His name for we are not sure it was His task our just ours. But in general we keep to immediate family, friends and people.

Yet like the Holy Spirit in some sense our information are reachable for those who seek it as I said in the beginning you may not say on to the Farther the Creator, we did not know or we would not have done so.

To spread this information is the task of other people and not to control it and just keep it nameless as they will answer for it. For all those great men and women were just ordinary people like you and me, it was only what they did in the name of the Farther the Creator and not in the name of other people.