Wisdom of the mind 18

Mental health service users have the same rights as animals as we also have other people to represent ourselves.

It seems to me, nor do we or animals have the right to decide on our rights ourselves for we seemingly do not have the mental capacity to be equal to any other human being and must under such circumstance become protected or a better word softly hidden than to be equal in every respect.

We may have soft token representatives on committees but they do not lead some of those committees not even one on our mental health review boards.

They say we are there but they can not disclose us as the other disabled. It sounds to me they believe in fairies, delusions (false believes) and hallucinations to when it suits them.

Ask the other disabled if they want to be treated in such a manner and the answer would be definitely, NO!

Other disabled may find kind human assistance, we the mentally disabled must share with the animals when it really comes to our rights and self-determination. What does a Mental Health Act or Bill and International agreements really provide for our human rights if it is just ignored and can’t be enforced because we do not want to upset and appease the very status quo who abuses our human rights.

So to discriminate against one quarter of the South African population is still acceptable under this situation. This is still a disgrace to our constitution of equality to all people, for as it stands the mentally health service user who is middle aged European male was the most privileged and must be on the bottom of the privileges and services list.

Just try to find work at prominent companies in this country and describing you are mental health service user with Schizophrenia and you will soon find this is not a wild statement.

What some underprivileged people in this country should remember that many Europeans and some other racial groups, male and female stood up against discrimination to their own detriment and personal cost, which it self can relate to discrimination and disadvantage action against them.

 Yet with the current system they are also discriminated against because of their classification which is nothing other than undeclared apartheid and not a just and fair equality of all as claimed in our constitution.

Some think because we are European we all benefited and supported apartheid in this country and must therefore be milked, have a no different mind than those perpetrators of this same racial discrimination.
For those individuals of us who stood up and made our contributions in the past and now again are not recognized but forgotten and despised by both groups in their racial discrimination which they justify against each other for their own benefit.

They think to make these racial camps is fine to claim retribution and justify claims of inferior cultures because of race, so that each one can easily classify him or herself with their racial group and so-called common norms.

This will divide racial groups in this country again to no other than the discrimination we have seen before. The world and its people will see through you and treat you accordingly in the end.

For nations with masses of people such as China, India and the East Asia who rely in their water supply from the Himalayas could find with global warming that these supplies becomes threatened and depleted will look elsewhere to the most unpopulated, un protected and suitable places to find homes and resources for their people.

This will be done under no other claim than that the world belong to the masses under the democratic principle and their masses constitute the most and therefore can first approach those communities diplomatically in supporting their needs.

But if those communities refuse these masses will from recognizing the sovereignty of these communities states move to the sovereignty of their needy individual citizens in mass to take from these states and their communities in force.

And we know their custom is not to play a round for those who may demonstrate and dance around will find their numbers suddenly so depleted that they can join the near extinct Bushmen community as a minority group.

The rest of the world does not want trouble with these masses as they had desperate wars with them before and at great cost and losses and would rather support them in their need than oppose them.

We also should know even if communities were suppose to be temporary residence that once they get use to their new homes and a few generations pass and above it they constitute the most it will easy for them to stay permanently and fight for the right to do so.

 This is all possible because of the current principals our communities have set in our country, South Africa.

This are the very reasons we in South Africa and Africa should be tolerant and leaders of human rights and equality to accommodate not only other in need but to protect our own needs by principal to all our current communities. Because the world and other will justifiably judge us accordingly to how we apply ourselves that time of our need.

Some may now claim what does it have in common to mental health service users and mental health in general? But we must first realize mental health covers the whole ground of the human mental environment which include how we interpreted human rights and there rights of our actions to be fair or not.

And it is all based on the human rights of mental health service users recognized not only by the state but by the general international community which strengthen other human rights to be adored and protected by all humanity.

We should also realize that the statistics for mental health service users numbers world wide at one quarter even for these masses I mentioned, and if one supporter only stood with them they are in the greatest position to uphold this very human rights we need to protect ourselves and our communities. For us as Africans do not have any other real means to protect ourselves against such large numbers as we will then even jointly be the minority.

So the protection and implementation of the human rights of just the mental health service user alone have great value, for not only could you protect us but we may also be able because of it to protect you.

For mental health service users world wide suffer the same discrimination and abuses of their human rights and in institutions and by the general community we are all related in the same.

Because of it we are maybe racially and our locations may be different but because of our identification and experience we became one great numerous group in need to upheld our human rights internationally and those of other people who share the need for their human rights.

 Only in us the mental health service users could you find such a united international force to stabilize communities through advocating and protecting our human rights.

Therefore to conclude should we be given the opportunity to do so as a group such as any other with disability with self determination and identity.

We the people diagnosed with a mental disorder world wide know at first most of us try to deny it which most of the able people would also do and is doing to human rights which does not suit them.

We know world wide how a united group we could be in honouring our and other human rights. And to take care of our other members who could not be diagnosed and subsequently not receive care, knowledge and understanding because of limited services and facilities.

The mental health service user knows that we as humans are not perfect and have mental short comings and should be more aware how important to protect our human rights as well as those of others because we to share them as individuals.

For many of those who discriminate against and judge us are actually of our number who is not yet diagnosed and therefore do not know their condition and can not find treatment.