Wisdom of the mind 19

Some do not understand there are two main types of faith, the blind and complacent faith in man who control and who have already decided what the world is and should be, can also be interpreted as generous, brother and self loving and is also warmly based so on reason and facts. Yet it is also cold to the farther the Creator, the Holy Spirit and the Creation (nature).

 But the faith of your Farther the Creator and what the Holy Spirit inspire in you is that of a child of nature of which you are not just blindly part of but part of its whole greatness, form the smallest things to its greatest vastness.

This is the reason of the ever evolving and learning child who always have faith in itself and the Farther the Creator is not cold but direct in reason and fact when discovering His or Her limitations, faults and shortcomings and ever evolving to become better and more loving in nature.

He did not refer to the innocence of the blind child in the care of his parents who gave stories and not true facts. He referred to the innocence of the child in nature who is always facts and his or her interpretation of it is an ever evolving reason to understand it and him or herself. He or she has kindly and loving in faith not decided what the world should be, nor what their children should think.

For they know the world the Creation and nature is part of the Farther the Creator and Holy Spirit and it alone is already sufficient. We as parents can only make our children and others aware of it but let the perfection of the Creator and Creation guide their evolving faith as we also should. For it is written do not remove the splinter in an others eye if you have to remove a greater one in yours.