Wisdom of the mind 20

It is not me or a few who must save the world or help the poor. If only those who have give to one other, most of the poor should be helped. It is not al my or a few others burden. Therefore must that have not judged me on my contributions to the Farther the Creator nor should the poor question my fairness as I should not be alone.

And some poor are not really poor but find just a benefit to act poor than to constructively work for things they need. I see plenty people in the service industry that do not create and learn new things of value but just with so-called service only skim of others labour.

Do they not understand the parable of those servants that were given talents (including the value of money, abilities and skills) and only those who on their own produced more were found fair. This is also a reason we find so many poor people as these so-called services cost more than what are actually produced.

For I see many semi blind people being led by another able person begging the whole day, they must do well to sustain both of them. I can just hope the semi disabled gets an equal share when they are to disabled to notice.

I am amazed at how a centre security official informed me an old man supposing from a foreign country con people that he was mugged and had a broken limb and want money to go to hospital. For a person with a loving heart to sponsor both these con artist and those who must keep them at bay, is really taking from the real poor.

For I surpassingly live in one of the free and most liberal countries in the world. But why must we fortify ourselves against crime and held responsible to do so. Our police are to busy to guarantee our safety and that of our belongings, but yet busy enough to convict us who with fault protect ourselves and our belongings. It seems those who commit crime have more freedom in this country than honest people.