Wisdom of the mind 23

It is better to live your payer each day and moment in your deeds and ways than just in words, selected kindness and on Sabbath. For these prayers carry much more value for the Farther the Creator as you aid with His compassion and mercy and not demand it from him in hopelessness.

For you are then like His servant that used your talents to create more goodness in His absence, and He will reward you accordingly. Therefore if prayers like faith not just blindly there, it must be serviced by the Farther the Creator’s true servants.

We do not even know when and how long were the first day of Creation for our Star the Sun of our day and our planet did not start this day, never mind the seventh day of Creation as these worlds and universes include paradise which is not part of our universe.

As Jesus said to another on the cross I will see you in Paradise and after Judgment Day we may see past Paradise in to Heaven. Remember this universe is the world which evil beset as it is not Paradise, and if Earth and nor our solar system is the centre of this universe then where is West and East of this universe? For the Greatest part of Jerusalem is our faith in which we must live as we must conquer the valley of death of our fears.

For this inner light of Jerusalem of the Holy Spirit and its guidance through the valley of death and fear we my find the Jerusalem of the Farther the Creator. If we think Earth is the only place of evil then we do not know the rest of this world we call the universe and the trials that may await us, in which our current fears may look as our smallest task we first successfully completed. But this is a dualistic world for there is also great good and love in it, as the forces of good and evil battle in it.

For if we as mankind leave Earth behind for the new worlds of this universe then we will have an exodus again as then we all of different groups and race will jointly consider us (mankind) as the servants of the Farther the Creator, and inside us individually is the Temple and Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit of the Farther the Creator and His home we can relate to in this world we will then call Jerusalem.

For even I do not know the end of time as it was written non of us would for Daniel may and Jesus did, but I can see this world and universe with new human eyes and if the time of the end of time is not forthcoming in my time, I can still see the Farther the Creator in this Creation.

My personal human opinion it the end of time is the time when we as mankind is ripe for harvesting but we have for long been a resistant crop and the Farther the Creator is patient, for he knows we live in a world not really made for us and even it will come to its end in the form it is.

For we should not worry and seek the end of time but live in our faith so that when it befalls us we are always ready or even better evolved servants than before. But to seek it and worry about it is not to concentrate on what is most important as our service and that could be more costly than our worries and searches in our limited minds.

Let nature and this Creation guide us through the Holy Spirit as it will reveal to us our service when the time is right, but we can not command It or take control of It, through It we are given service and rest.

For to worry about things such as the Sabbath and the East or Mecca, more than your true service to the Farther the Creator will show their limitations once we leave this little planet and solar system for neither of you will be able to keep to these laws effectively in the depths of only this universe.

For mankind is a gardener in this creation and where ever he travels or settle will require the healing properties of his garden as the proper ecosystem to sustain healthy life. Therefore do I sometimes refer to mankind as the gardeners of this universe.

For we do not even know the time of the first day of creation therefore will we also not know the end of time. But we should know our universe as the loving gardeners we are. For our star and planet could be long gone, and because of our gardens we will still be here in-service to the Farther the Creator.

For if you want to look and see the Farther the Creator seek Him in yourself as the Holy Spirit and if you seek Him outside seek Him the same time in the most smallest form to the largest form of creation, for that is all of Him. Therefore can He not be like you or like me, as we are not the King but subservient Man and the loving gardeners we should be to the evolution to His creation.

Do not seek the Farther the Creator on the human level for we are limited and He can not be less than He is. This was the scope when I wrote the poem “Dimensionology the Universal Dream”, for those who wondered about the dream we live in.


Man is only part of the universal creation
therefore Man only have a partial reality.
The empirical senses of the universe are true
as the empirical senses of Man are only partially true.
The study of the universal empirical senses is called dimensionology,
in this way Man will discover the universal senses and the truth.
Creato is only a partial theory of dimensionology
as it searches for the truth of spiritual interaction and its senses.
Therefore is dimensionology the study of wisdom
as wisdom is universal
and dimensionology stretches Man’s realities
beyond it self towards the universal reality.
For Man can forever live in Man’s reality
and escape the truth.
Then would Man’s search for truth be futile,
unsuccessful and have incomplete judgement.
Therefore can we not as Man claim justice and the truth.
If we just look beyond the stars and the atom
must we be fooled with partiality
as dimensionology is a holistic science
which sets the pace of others
and holistic philosophy.