Wisdom of the mind 24

Any mob or group have a culture it want to protect, they usually reason such protection by regulations and such based habits, normally it is formulated in scripture such as books. All these scriptures are drafted by imperfect mankind who did not realize it current culture was raised on the demise of another culture and so will a new culture be raised over the current one.

Jesus did not walked and preaches from a book or such scripture under His arm, He only referred it was written to guide source of information and did not followed those scriptures as a total culture which the Pharisees wanted to protect to the letter of the law according to their own cultural interpretation.

Because we and our culture are imperfect and must evolve, how can me lay down scripture and books on such imperfect foundations and expect it to be an absolute. For if our culture contains evil must we then for culture sake ignore it or must we develop a new culture? For culture are not books but a relationship between other and self.