Wisdom of the mind 26

To some I may seem self-centred and serve my own interest. They must remember we as mental health consumers are in the early stages of our representivity even as a group or groups do we not mount up to a sizable of our own community. To speak or act on behalf of such large community at the moment is to do so without any real mandate.

For each individual in such a community should be provided according to their individual human rights the right of expression and to be represented accordingly. This is the reason I promote the establishment of a National Consumer Office for Mental Service Users to act as a forum to develop our representatives on all related bodies international, national, provincial and local, to protect our interests and human rights. And only then to act on the joint mandate of representative advocacy as I could reveal my numerous members or supporters numbers effectively and could then act as such an influential group to be noticed.

Currently do I really have such a small mandate that it is not suitable to really represent such whole group out of the very few numbers we have as we assume interests and needs of others of our group. For safety do I concentrate on myself so that others can be free of any wrong representivity on this basis and that I should then take the responsibility of my bad and good judgment as it is really where my mandate currently finds itself.

It is one of my greatest ambitions to develop the mental health service user group to its full extent and that every individual should have a right to be understood and heard. I can not just take up such mandate to represent them for those who have mental health concerns to represent this silent group as a whole unity, for it is not fair to each person and myself as I to would like the freedom to act and be heard as an individual person even as a group.

Therefore to conclude do I act on this individual mandate and a mandate of a very few to develop the mandate of our larger community to express and act for themselves out of this individual or few individual basis, so that our individuals and groups could realize they are really represented and heard.