Wisdom of the mind 27

I heard somebody stating “IF THOU ARE A MASTRER, BE SOMETIMES BLIND, IF A SERVANT, and SOMETIMES DEAF”. I can just say on to them “If I hear you correctly you ask me to be deaf to my Creator and blind to my neighbours?” If that is so you want me to break the greatest covenant of my Creator to fear Him and love him above al else and my neighbour as my self, then I found I have spoken to Caesar, as the Celt Asterix from Gaul would say Romans.

I guess Romans want to protect the state of Caesar and I want to protect the State of my Farther the Creator and each of us made our choices. Then you may judgment from your courts as my farther will eventually judge all of you on the final judgment day.

For those who always believe in blanked forgiveness for you sin on repentance I must warn you. Why did Jesus said to him “It was better you were never born?”, if forgiveness was so easy even the devil would by now be in heaven and we free from our sins. Beware; if all our sins were just forgiven there would never be a judgment day and the serious warnings.

16 September 2006