Wisdom of the mind 29.

For those who can not evaluate true love, watch the animals as they own and control nothing as we humans do. They can not sweet talk or soothsay or hide their intentions as we humans do.

They can mainly only act on the truth of their instincts. Animals will reveal the true nature of a person’s heart when they meet them the first time for they have to rely on their instincts to guide them to that particular human’s intentions. We must not confuse when animals become dependant humans in some kind of agreement of coexistence for it will reveal itself as that animal will just accept anybody accordingly. But when such animal becomes attached and morns the loss of that human then you knows that animal have also lost the true love of that person.

We will find the same instincts in babies to but as mankind’s ego reach maturity and eventually confuse itself for the gods we lose everything that are really true to ourselves. That is why so many think they can own by power or buy what they want in this material world that does not even belong to them. I refer to them the as the demigod apes who lost their very souls of becoming that higher being they idealize.

For by no means can they be the Creator that is everywhere, both big and small. Why should such a Creator reveal itself in this whole creation to mankind alone for their benefit, are we as man really that demanding and important, or should we earn that respect from the Creator by excel in His qualities and the recognition of His loving ownership?

I have find in my life during adversity very few if any persons who true-ful and loving stood by my side and provided for my needs. My experience is when tested almost all just stood aside and waited until it was fair weather again before they knew you as they use to. Yet around me so many say to another I love you and I know very well their reasons are everything but love but only express their material needs.

These very same people when divorced will hate and become enemies for life who now use these loving words. But true love will remain to the end of time no matter what life’s challenges are or was that is the same kind of love of the Creator that so many people abuse with wrongful intensions.