Wisdom of the mind 30.

So many want to blame Evil or the Devil for every evil deed no matter how big or how small as if it was never them. Then why are we in this world of repentance and a judgment day is it not there for those between us to seek goodness, kindness, light and love or else we as mankind is lost?

I think Evil or the Devil as some may call it saw the evil in mankind and through testing each of us to prove to the Creator how evil we are. For mankind can not take responsibility for him or herself but must blame it on Evil or the Devil.

Yet mankind were with each individual provided with the gift to judge between good and evil, then why have they lost that judgment to hate.

For if you read Job you will see that Evil had council in the Creator’s court to challenge Job and the reason it did so.

 Evil then is part of the Creator’s creation as we are and if the Creator can accommodate evil, I by no means have the right to hate His creation as I will then in fact hate Him.

Therefore am I of the opinion that many individuals commit their evil by themselves because of their own evil faults as weaknesses by themselves and will be subjects to judgment day because of their hate for one another, the Creator as they hate His creation.

Only those who know love as the living water and the light they must follow will find the challenging good road to find kindness during their judgment day. For they in fact bestow respect and the quality of their Creator, His subjects and all of His creation.

Then why do I find so many claiming their hate in His name and claiming to be the sole source to His wisdom above their brother and sisters? For by no way can they honestly claim they loved the Creator above all else as they hate His Creation and by no way can they honestly claim to be above their brother or sister as they can not do so by loving all their neighbours as themselves.

I think they want to be the Creator by speaking actually for themselves and their own hateful ideals which tested can not even reveal the faintest of the light of true love but only the love of themselves and the material world.

Therefore do they keep their followers blind with their own darkness that they themselves can not judge by their own gift to judge between goodness and evil themselves and must rely on another’s judgment.

No material thing including a human is so perfect and without evil except the Creator, Its subjects and creation.

One of those subjects in full perfection is available to every human being and yet we all consult the material world and each other for validity of the perfect ness of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the only thing that is perfect between us and nobody; group, material thing including books such as the Bible can ever be as perfect to be able to judge It.

Then why do we always need somebody, group or material things as books to judge for the Holy Spirit’s perfect ness?