Wisdom of the mind 31

We all see evil and the loving goodness as night and day or darkness of destruction and the living light.

Yet we as mankind do not know ourselves as many of us seek to blame these forces from beyond ourselves but in reality we command both the goodness and evil in ourselves. It is our own responsibility to recognize our goodness and strengthen it as it is to recognize our evil and to weaken its hold on us. The cosmic battle between good and evil is both beyond and with in us as in all of creation.

The commanders of the battle release their forces like the weather and as it pass over us evil will tempt us all from within and without. Thus will both evil and good test us for our worth and during judgment these test will reveal the real truth of our own individual command.

This will be done in the very same way as we separate the un useful from the useful in our own trade and creativity, and what remains will be the true product of ourselves and our neighbours. How can the Creator ever use any of us in full trust if we do not individually prove to be goodness and trustworthy?

How could the Creator find use in weak and evil beings to further its creation and command, if we do not provide our worth now we will not provide our worth then?