Wisdom of the mind 32

Many approach the scriptures as law and search it truth as lawyers, advocates and judges. Assembling them piece by piece their personal cases from it, no other than the original Pharisees who made these laws to fit mankind’s opinions and traditions.

 Yet these lawmakers do not even realized that in any law there is the supreme constitution or law and that law superseded all other law first no matter how they want to place and interpreted it.

That supreme law indicates the boundaries of all those other laws. That law was the Greatest covenant revealed by Jesus Himself “Love and fear your Farther the Creator above all and then love your neighbour as yourself” This law also sums up the Ten Commandments.

Jesus even Himself said “I am not good my Farther is Good”, that is why you could see Jesus in this imperfect world but never the Farther the Creator for He is to perfect for mankind and this world.

And if Jesus is the example of mankind in this world how can we justify hat full actions as war or mortal conflict as he never rendered to it as He brought understanding and healing? The Tower of Babel may have divided all nations and races but Jesus and many others are the towers which united mankind again under this greatest covenant.

No other law can supersede the Greatest Covenant and only it can pass you through to the door to the living water and in favour of the Farther the Creator. Only once you pass the gate of heaven can you only then benefit for all those other riches other laws may contribute to a person and not before.

So do not count and assemble your riches if you can not pass that eye of the needle for those laws and riches will keep you back as they will not fit the doorway and keep you and others like you back. Then what was your quest in the first place and was it then worth it?

You can not have pleasure and heaven on both sides of that doorway as only after labour do you receive your reward as those servants who increased their talents and those servants who wasted and hide their talents to gain the rewards of pleasure without any real labour.

Did Jesus not said to those real followers this world will persecute you as it did me, then why who call in His name have themselves became persecutors and not loving healers?

That very fundamental point I raised is the reason I call my self a Holistic Theist and not a Christian to prevent this confusion and prescriptive traditions for those self-made judges, soldiers and persecutors in a loving healers name.

Even the wise Solomon made this fault to enjoy this world more with His wisdom and judgment than to labour and shape Himself to fit that eye of the needle, let this caution those wise, rich and powerful amongst us that they have to even work harder to fit that narrow pass.

11 November 2006