Wisdom of the mind 35

May this serve as my mark degree for the Creator.

That any man/woman or men/women my it be generals, men/women of power, popular men/women or men/women of great riches can choose their own soothsaying chaplains or religious men for any of their causes. But I must warn them hat the Creator of Love chooses His own representatives beyond all these men and women which include the Pope and any other modern and wise leader.

Therefore do I not go out and preach or convert people but call them to visit something they already have that is by far more perfect than me and that is the Holy Spirit in themselves who is as perfect as the Farther the Creator. Nothing even I or all these soothsayers can say or the works of their histories can compete against the perfect ness of the Holy Sprit.

So why do mankind still need soothsayers, traditions, rites and these documented histories if they could consult the Holy Spirit in themselves? It is because as the golden calf that they still seek worldly things and can not perceive something such as the Holy Spirit and therefore do they no less than those who followed the golden calf by breaking the ten commandments even when calling the Farther the Creator’s name or of His subjects.

For they are no other than those sooth saying chaplains or clergy who would sell others souls and even their own who have then no other vices to also sell their part of the soul of the Farther the Creator and His Creation in their attempt to gain their favours or privileges.

The same apply to all those who seek they truth between people and not at the Farther the Creator and His Creation such as the Holy Spirit. Because if the documents of man was so perfect, then why dint the Farther or Jesus not write it for mankind in perfect form or was it that they knew how limited all our languages was in perfection?

Then can those who acclaim these documents to be so perfect not do so as their first reference should be by the perfect Holy Spirit and then should evaluate any other source many it be material or a person and not the other way around.