Wisdom of the mind 36

Everybody around me if you asked them would present themselves as a realist and maintain that point of view in total complacency.

When we were just a cell, the realist thought we are just a cell until the cells joint together to form a body. When we walked on all fours the realist thought we will just walk on all fours before somebody had a dream to stand-up.

When we present the flat earth the realist who had may supporters in the inquisition made sure the earth remain flat until they investigate the dream of Copernicus and looked through a telescope. But when Martin Luther King said “I have a dream” may realist though that was all he really had a dream. Many still wonder in amazement what Einstein have dream up with his relativity theory of E=MC2.

Many still do not understand that Genesis by its very nature is an epigenesist according to General J.C. Smuts and therefore by such track record do most realists not understand the evolution of themselves and the universe.

But was it not for the dreamers and those qualities, these realists who are complacent and maintained themselves would never have evolved for there was never a need for it, so be careful with the dreamers genes and ways for you just may lose the only reality you may have.