Wisdom of the mind 37

I can now see our term of evolution in this life, for our brief moment here we are no other than the same sperm which formed us into a greater body. The most suitable sperm and egg in the natural way conceived while the others perished.

Then is it not what happens in this world no different and do those of us who successfully conceive like sperm not form part of a greater body in evolution? The would both the Holistic theist and atheist be right in the one evolving in its world to go on and the other became nothing in this world to end. For the Holistic Theist can find that living force in the natural world the same as the successful sperm sense the egg while the others can not sense right or not sense at all.

The difference between those who have just faith and the faith of the Holistic Theist is that faith alone is not fact but a whish. But the faith of the Holistic Theist is perceived in nature as a truth and sensed as such and faith is only the following of this truth to its destination as the sperm. So the one’s faith are that they are sperm and can germinate life but the other are sperm whose faith by fact of sense actually achieve naturally what it was destined to do.

For those who can read this wisdom, your sperm usually by nature have found that egg but are your faith still good enough by trust and sense to find the next egg and build the greater body or do you as those other sperms just believe you can?

I know Man can clone and artificially inseminate but nature will test that life source with its sense at its next conception of evolution for a greater body or union, beyond Man and Mankind will then have no influence as nature is greater and further advanced than what he or she was similar to the theory of relativity, gravity and electromagnetism and the quantum theories of this world.

The sperm, before and beyond originally taught me this nobody else, not Smuts nor Einstein as the sperm consist of all these worlds a study I referred to as Dimensionology. Some can study me without this sense, they can even copy it and promote themselves but because they can not go beyond and have the sense themselves they are only getting further to nowhere but nature are too clever for them.

Without the sense at the crucial point you will not pass through that doorway nature constantly keeps to purify those that pass every time. So some of you may look wise and good amongst yourself at my cost but sorry for you nature knows the truth and in the long-term and at the end will purify you only that really matters in my world.