Wisdom of the mind 39

A man came to mention a story of a rabbit thinking it is an owl and slept at a low branch where the jackal consumed him.

Little did the man know neither my owl nor my history of that owl. My owl was a eagle (marsh) spotted grass owl who nested on the ground who fear no foxes as it can truthfully protect it self. These owls’ empirical senses can see in the darkness of all senses where other could not.

It did not fear death as it was part of life and with the resurrection it will be the dominant predator as it will truthfully strike all even the sly fox with out him or her knowing it, for the owl you do not sense before its truthful strike for the are no sight, smell, taste, feeling or sound but just the strike from no where.

For I brought up that owl as a very little chicken, that very owl that symbolize my symbol I use and that owl excepted me as it own family and followed me truthfully for anybody can ask my own family about this and they will confirm that owl excepted me as its own.

For that is my owl and I am that owl, one family, never insult that owl as you never insult a Scott for even if we fail we will always truthfully return until you are no more than that despicable and untruthful prey which insult our Creator and on judgment day that owl will collect you for the feast as you seam so beefed up with your kind of perceived truthfulness.

For this owl does not fear your death but the death of the Creator, nor does it fear your truth but the truth of the Creator, therefore is it not the bird of prey of the fox but the bird that pry on the sly fox who betrayed even its Creator. So sir do not confuse that owl in the tree with the owl of my symbol for you may become prey who do not even know its own name nor sense its own position as it feel quite safe in its numbers and false perception.

The first death is only rest before the real death and the final judgment of truth and my owl are the bird of prey of truth and in the darkness of this world it is the king above all other predators, so beware who you insult and harm for we will mark the prey from the protected as we are those angels in the darkness of truth and goodness and not evil as we can see the light of goodness beyond your perception.

For I am and I love that owl who was my chilled and excepted me as it own, I do not need no other to confirm or prove it as they have no right and have no such feathers to provide them that right. Rather touch that cat you should not but never touch this owl if you want to live beyond this world for this bird are this universes darkest truth and protector of good no matter where you ever find yourself.

For many think they can repent their fox from the Creator and I will say to what was said to Judas who could not find forgiveness, “It was better you were never been born”. For so many follow those who think they are truthful in their power or false prophets because of popular belief by man that they are blind to the awareness of my owl who can see beyond their darkness to the real light of truth.

For today in your darkness you may prey on me but tomorrow in the final judgment I am the predator who preys on you as you had no insight, pity, understanding nor forgiveness. Beware of this owl even in the darkness of the darkest space for it will return as the bird of light even when you destroy it, it will return as the everlasting bird of truth for it is indestructible as it is part of the Creator.

I call it the angel in the darkness as it is the first light you will ever see. So if darkness, hopefulness and total evil ever befall over you, you can know that this bird of light will prey on it and that this evil will fear that day as it will faithfully try to run for cover it can not find.

This owl does not fear the sly fox or the soothsayer of evil for it have a date with it to be come the main meal at the day of light and final judgment and there will be no peace for these followers of evil and its pleasure of power in its mortal world.

My owl are the angel of light in the darkest evil of night as it witness evil’s schemes in its very nest and is the bird of light and truth evil fear the most. For the Farther the Creator protected this bird with the light of truth n the inside and if this bird loses this inner light so will it become blind to the truth as any owl that loses the faintest of light or become blind.

Because this bird will wonder truth of light in the very darkest of evil’s nest and remain faithful to the light of truth where others will flounder does evil fear this bird the most who seek him above and below where ever he may find and hide himself.

For this owl preys on the very heart of the darkest evil where no other can reach, so do not compare it with other animals as it is the angel of light in the depths of darkness who senses and lives by the Holy Spirit who wanders over all creation even the depths of darkness and all evil.

For some this bird my seem alone and small in their sight in the darkness but in its heart of light of truth, its is the largest of hearts and the most dedicated to survive where no other can and if it passes with time in service it joins the Farther the Creator according to its rank and service as it also in this imperfect world must return to Him as all His Son’s because when beings pass on in this imperfect world there are no difference between the senses and therefore do we refer to him in all the cases as being of equality and one truth. For some this owl may seem smaller than the smallest living form but in the hearts they know they can look up to it.