Wisdom of the mind 40

Dr. Albert Zandvoort would have crucified Jesus as any real individualist as a PEST on these following factors (Political, Economic, Social and Technological) His sociological basis made no provision for the individualist which we cherished as those who stood by the Farther Creator in all our historic works, such as Noah, Jacob, Joseph, Mosses, David, Daniel and many other. For by this collective PEST norm they all have and would be happily crucified in the name of S____? And not the name of G____? The C_____?

Take Jesus for example

1.         Political            Targeted by the High Priest
2.         Economic         Targeted because He could plentify fish, bread and work on holy days
3.         Social               Targeted by those such as the Pharisees for breaking from social norms as all individualist do. Therefore did the cockerel not have                                     crowed three times in vain?

4.        Technological     Targeted for an individual who can calm storms, walk on water and heal where no other could.

I could just wonder where his follower’s allegiances lies when it comes to the Creation and its Creator for they have served a different estate which they collectively fear the most.

Which is the opposite of the Greatest Covenant and Law of Creation and they then as persecutors serve the Persecutor and not the Lam or the Light of truth, for they want to be predators and not the peaceful offerings that stand in their individualistic faith and service of the Creator.

And speaking of priest, holly men and chaplains in particular, do these names not serve the High Priest and his followers who motivated their soldiers. Even the Romans had more resistance in their judgment where these holly men insisted their so-called justice to crucify a Lam that they would rather have freed a murderer (another predator) to get it.

Where did the Lam ever use such violence to justify those predators who call it on His name? The individualist knows where the Temple lies, as it host the Holy Spirit and can not be collectively owned. Therefore in their sacrificial stance of truth did they not sell their temple to others who want to collectively own and trade with it.

If Jesus used violence once was it for those who trade at His Farther the Creators Temple and He used a whip to save lives that could repent and become servants to His Farther once more. Therefore can I not see where these predators come from either believing they are good or criminal they seem to be the same evil as they understand the same value.

Because by the Great Covenant to love your Farther the Creator above all and your neighbour as yourself, would their neither be the need for predators nor by this statement of the Lam should there be any predators (Demigods) amongst His ranks.

Do not confuse my owl who preys on evil as a witness for only the Farther the Creator can prey on the evil and wicket during His judgment day and non of His followers will do so in His name for they are not before or greater than Him.

But they will be His witnesses at the day of judgment when He calls your name and you will be an individual no greater than any other individualist even when you ever had a collective support before and you will be judged on your own given ability to judge between good and evil as any other individualist and the collective norm will not apply.

For none of you advisors or masters will be there to save you for they are but individuals like you and you could have and may be still can only save yourself. For the real Temple of the Creator, the living water of Jesus and light of the Holy Spirit was and are with in you and not in another’s hands says this Samaritan for those who can understand my poem.