Wisdom of the mind 44.

I do not know why those think they are good and a proved by the state when they actually aspire to first give onto Caesar the imperfect world of Caesar when they persecute me and the think they then can later repent as Demigods of that power and riches.

As I am just an individual student and servant that serve my Creator first and my neighbour as myself is that not enough for my persecutors from Caesar who want taxes he does not own. For my powerful, big, large, tall, rich and democratic crowed, would you really with your repentance like Judas would ever fit through the eye of the proverbial needle and if you were last and the lowest good servant would you not be exalted above these demigods?

They I can say to my persecutors that they only can rely on Caesar for their riches and power as they tax me with persecution as I follow the estate of my Farther the Creator who’s name you use in vain in all forms to promote you evil.