Wisdom of the mind 45.

And some may say onto me what other said onto Jesus, that you want to be important, enrich yourself and seek grandeur and its power. Some may say you must be appropriate to your leaders and be selected according to your suitability.

Then I say on to them who was Jonah of the wale who also at first thought so to discover the Farther the Creator selects His own according to His own assessment and not that of the best of man kind.

As Jesus did I only remain the servant who tried at his best to be true to the Farther the Creator and his neighbor, we did not receive on this earth much greatness of the power and riches of mankind but more those who aspire to its competitive curse of persecution. How can I value anybody above the other and what is name dropping when you are honest with your brother and sister other that you really know these people and is acquainted by them.

Are they really so important that they are above the common man or women as that so-called status, race, sex or creed as of a higher being to which they acclaim their status? Then will I again remind them of my basis as the servant who must pass through that narrow gate of the eye of the needle and I must remind them that the lowest and best servant shall be exalted above all those who had more than him or her on earth.

Then who are these important people when Jesus was but a herdsman of people and a servant who did not aspire to the greatness, riches and power of the people who persecuted him? Where they not offering the same as my persecutors as even by those who represent the High priest who dammed him? Did the Jewish judges not on a biased basis condemn him while those of the Romans took more care?

Yet still do I find today that the courts of mankind want to drag the Farther the Creator into their courts if to give them that so-called power and recognition and is that honestly not the same as name dropping, for the Farther the Creator will decide for Himself as with Jonah, Daniel, Joseph, David, Moses, Gideon and nobody else no matter how rich, important or powerful?

So we must remember when we call in the name of the Farther the Creator do we name drop His importance to the rich, great, powerful and acclaimed, no matter by the evil of common man and women of highest of holy men as the Farther the Creator usually selects His own and almost historical never from these grandiose human appointed and lost Demigod ranks.

For there are two strong voices, one of evil who is powerful, rich and acclaimed by its own grandiose status and the other that of the common servant who must abide in the will of his or her Farther the Creator.