Wisdom of the mind 47.

A man once said I am the enemy of the state. I asked him besides that I am an individualist and independent, who did I harm and who do I persecute? And he could not really answer any thing contributing to any enemy. So I said to him that I many be an enemy in somebody’s eyes who seek for enemies but they are not my enemies.

As Caesar will have to consult his or her conscious about me being such an enemy of the state during their judgment day, I will in return consult my Farther the Creators conscious about such Caesar who seek me as his or her enemy and persecute me accordingly in such name. I who loved his Farther the Creator above all and his neighbours as he himself who seek no enemies.

For I know who I must first pay my taxes to and who must have the lesser place and if that makes me his or her enemy then they should also be the enemy of my Farther the Creator and my conscious to Him and His creation.

For the Holy Temple I must pay my taxes to is with in me where I must consult the Holy Spirit before I can pay any taxes that is beyond me and that Holy State. For I can only be both a citizen of the farther the Creator’s Holy State and Caesar’s State if Caesar him or herself is within the Holy State and its perfect laws. Otherwise must I be first a citizen of the Holy State and a lesser and second citizen of the lower state of this imperfect Creation.

For it seems only evil is the enemy and must search for enemies to hate and persecute for the living water of love and the light to it is beyond such darkness. This evil better hope when they have passed their judgment from life and they have gone with no after life for once they passed their time and realized their mistake they will be to late.

They will know their judgment to follow as a subject to such an crime and could not make amends because their state has passed to do so and the farther the Creator will let them consider more than all the pains and lifetimes they have passed judgment on before the day when their judgment ends and they can not appeal because their deeds, thoughts and actions will be perfectly known.