Wisdom of the mind 48

The roman Caesar must be crazy, mankind can not even correctly keep to the greatest covenant of all that is one sentence beside just those laws for instance in the Bible and the state expect mankind to keep to its volumes of international, national, provincial, local laws and bylaws.

With the Farther the Creator you may stand the slightest chance but with Caesar you stand no chance at all as the state still makes more laws. Today you maybe right and tomorrow you are wrong and still persecuted for your actions.

The Farther the Creator know what mankind could be capable of but Caesar expects the impossible if not blatant extortion of taxes and control.

The good news is that nor the Farther the Creator, His creation ant its natural laws has to or will abide to Caesar’s laws but Caesar and his demigods will have to abide to His laws and will in the end have to stand justice before his or her Creator and only the wise who kept to greatest covenant will pass.