Wisdom of the mind 49.

The true facts of wisdom, no man or women nor group can own it as it is as part of the Creator and as true as the Holy Spirit. Wisdom does not as many think comes to you but you must come to wisdom.

It will when truly acquired lead you beyond all of mankind’s knowledge, technology and even beyond their understanding.

For wisdom can not be purchased, processed by intellectuals and acquired by formal learning which any person can award you any approval or seal of master ship.

Wisdom is far greater and beyond all these so-called great think of mind and mankind as to mankind it is as mysterious as the law of the jungle but in fact it is greater than all the knowledge and abilities of mankind alone.

It is greater than all their learning, understanding and even pooled resources, that in history wisdom only acquired by one such wise person excelled even above the best of all mankind. For as I said wisdom is perfect as the Holy Spirit and the creator to which it belongs and neither to any man woman nor any other form of mankind either individual or united.

The mistake what the wise kings such as David and Solomon made was the mistake that most knowledgeable and powerful people make and that is that they think they own it and it is under their command, this is why they have fallen from grace as the opposite is true that wisdom owns the wise and the wise do not command it but are only servants to it.

Therefore greater is the wise servant than any king, warrior, intellectual, wealthy, powerful, hero and publicly exalted and approved person. For these can not pass thought the same needle which this wise servant can pass for they mach have this world in their command but they lost the real world what matters in their greed and blindness to the light of wisdom.

For today I am happy with my life as I can the light which have shown my way such as for Moses and many others but I am wary of power and popularity by mankind as this will blind me from what really matters and no clever, intellectual, scientist, king or power can remove it or bargain for it as they have no value but are actually indebt  to it and those who have the talent as those wises servants who have been guided by it, as even that talents belong to the Creator then how can all these other so-called important people bargain to acquire with resources which in the first place did not belong to them but to the very Creator which the wise serve.

Through their behavior they may hate and belittle the wise but in the very same breath they have belittle wisdom, the Holy Spirit, the servants of the true light of the Creator and the Creator it self, for they can not purchase, award or acquire anything which does not belong to them for they are not rich but to poor to even realize it.

Therefore is wisdom beyond man’s control, the state and even Caesar, for only the wise will first respect the Creator above all else with such love and then only their neighbour as themselves.