Wisdom of the mind 5

Did Jesus not promote tolerance and love and only once used violence only against those who used the temple of God to enrich themselves? Then why do we justify violence and wars in His name with those who said they represent Him, for this reason I can not stand by them and their identity but on my own with every individual as my identity. That was my reason I stood up during those trying years as I stood for all of you that is Gentile in their own name of the Creator and Farther for my position definitely was not? For His sword He caries is of love not hate and bloodshed, and is love not the sign of real Gentiles.

Did He ever called us Christians or did He called us Gentiles and equal to Jews, for the Jews were not considered evil? If God would write the ten commandments why did Jesus mention that the gospel should  be spread with the influence of the Holy Spirit which can speak the perfect language of God and not write the bible Himself, for it will be done then in love and not in blood as its origin?

For the limited language of Man is imperfect in interpretation and not perfect in all its interpretation as what the Holy Spirit is? For the Holy Spirit is in everybody as it was in the creation, we must only recognize it as the fruit of Paradise to distinguish between good and evil by ourselves, follow the greatest commandment and we will receive the living water as the fruit of the everlasting life. For on this we will be judged on that day, not lawyer, judge, priest, king or politician or any one can speak for you as they must speak all just for themselves.

As a Gentile you must follow God like Jesus all responsible to Himself and not others. Was this not His final message to his disciples who all denied Him in the end? If they really serve Him they will recognize all poor and people and live as He did. Did he not at the onset of the greatest moment only enter Jerusalem on a Donkey and not on a horse or 4 X 4, for it’s a narrow door and eye of the needle, the servant will be exalted and the exalted will be demoted to servants?

I can only thank that old soldier and his aid who praise me in their foul words as being a only a bug which they want to exterminate with hate, for I even love my enemies and would assist their families with love as I did and as required by the law and greatest covenant, as I am not their enemy. Yet in their hate they claim the right of the Son and Farther of love at least they did not claim the right to evil as I will not judge them for we must judge only ourselves.

Therefore can I say to those who may follow or praise me, praise the Savoir and the Farther the Creator and leave me as His servant as we all should equally be. I will also rather pass my cup but I love the Farther the Creator and all His Creation which include the Son and Holy Spirit. And before crucifixion did the Son not answered “I am not good but the Farther (Creator) is good”?

Should we also not follow the Farther as he did, for if we are in His name are we not then to recognize His Farther and His counsellor the Holy Spirit. For how many times must He speak to us before we can just realize this one perfect truth? For He sits on the right hand of the Farther and not in the Farther as some believe, but like Him we jointly as servants of the Farther is parts of the body of the Farther as the Son is.

For we are small and imperfect in our limited minds we can not have the scope of the Farther the Creator, jet we want to decide who is right or wrong as judges where we should rather only be the judges of our individual selves and let the Farther judge the others who was given the right to judge for themselves. For is it not said that in our deeds as servants of the Farther we shall reveal our true faith in persecution and not exalted and approved by others?

Let the Holy Spirit who was present at the Creation and creation of Man talk to every hart on its own with its own interpretation, language and name for we shall recognize the Father’s children in their deeds as the truth for we can not decide for the Farther and the Holy Spirit, past and present. We are only responsible for ourselves and not others we should only serve for in the deeds of our service only they can find the truth and not in our imperfect words and limited minds.