Wisdom of the mind 50

I look on to the man or women my executer and said why you are afraid and he or she said I am not afraid. I said on to them again you are afraid or you will not be my executer but my brother or my sister.

They ask me what I mean by it. I said on to them “as long as you value and serve and fear mankind above the Creator your Farther you are not afraid of me and Him but of Man who have instructed and have control over you.

But at the final Judgment it is not me who will be afraid but you and your instructors whose name you have followed.

As I say it once again Caesar may decide over me but on that great day will my Farther the Creator decide over Caesar and those who followed him.

Today matters to you who are material but tomorrow matters to you who are spiritual and it seems you have chosen who you are afraid of by your deeds.