Wisdom of the mind 52

God, the Holy Spirit and His Lord Jesus who is my General is not really like a thief of the night as they are like the owl, day and night as you sleep in your own justice they will strike you totally unaware because you thought you are safe by yourself.

The owl is not a fair-weather bird when protecting you or making you anywhere with its wisdom but is a bird of light no matter where you are it will strike your heart out of nowhere like that child I once had that accepted me as its farther.

For I love you and all Creation and can only witness evil before my farther but after His judgment if I am allowed I will give my best to reward all those souls for because the owl the snake can hide nowhere day or night the owl is there out of nowhere.

As it came to light so will the Farther the Creator as we claim we know Him but until that day we will realize we really did not know much. I am only the smallest taste of his truth and wisdom and I can only hope it will awaken enough to seef who He really is as I serve His General of love and believe me when you witness me as even if I am imperfect my weight will be added to His and He will therefore make me stronger.

So that no one can face me the day of Judgment. I may fade as the night fade but I strike faster as lightening if you are fooled by it for I rest only by the last soul of mine have met its true  master as that owl only have rest to find me in its spirit for there is not a moment of evil that it will leave to rest.

For as the phoenix is rebirth will be as it passes true the flaming sword and will strike more than an snake can ever strike for it serve such a determined Master. There may be eagles when you fly high but greater are the owl even in your weakest moment it will be there in your darkest fear and hope as it also serve the Holy Spirit and will always know you there.

Therefore it serve both the Farther the Creator know as God and the Lord Jesus known as the Loving Light so it realizes both the Farther and the Son as were written by the greatest commandment.

Your Farther the Creator above all else and your neighbour as yourself, for if you see this Farther you will surely die because of his purity, but if you see Jesus you will see the love that will save you as it will make you pure.

Therefore is the Greatest Commandment in two parts and not One and beware of those who tell you different as they play with words and find other laws to be Greater than which is the Greatest to justify themselves and we all knows what a constitutions is in law and that lesser laws does not supersede it so be aware of this and its lawyers of doom.

If they did not twist the Farther the Creator to their will and it took Jesus to become the lam will they not do so with the Lamb for they care not in their darkness of such Great Covenant they will justify themselves.

For that Great Covenant may be as little rock in me but it will grow as a true full mountain and evil will find no place but reveal itself for what it is and the great Image of mankind s own will, will be destroyed by that little rock of truth as man is not God him or herself but a servant.