Wisdom of the mind 53

At last I find peace of heart and mind from childhood, through apartheid, war, love and everything with Patricia, for this poem was written as I believe in 1996 at the psychiatric ward in One Military Hospital during the time I thought I will never find such love or greater love for a woman again and now I did. My Afrikaans teacher (Mrs. Lindique) at HTS Marrais Viljoen once said I was bothered with the Moon in Afrikaans and may this poem explain to all.


We believe in the supernatural
We believe in Yin – Yang, Heaven and hell
According what we believe we ring the bell
And drink the waters of the same well.

Man at first just lived from the soil
And then brought technology to the boil
Now in Space we stretch golden foil
It is here where the Heart leaves the mind to toil.

For it is the Heart which can leave this soil
And around Earth we will coil
To leave for another’s soil
Yes, there is no Earth for the Soul.

When the Master comes to gather
He will find Man on the Moon or wherever.
His children went to gather
In His Universe to master.

Therefore does present perceptions not mater
If they can not explain the later
If it is One Universe with One Master
Then why does Man so diversely claim his or her Master?