Wisdom of the mind 54

This edition originated 14 August 2007 and was added to this section 20 August 2007, six days later.


Today I was told of a professor a Smuts House Museum
That he read this book three times with no sense of it
“HOLISM AND EVOLUTION” by General J.C. Smuts
I heard the same from many others who only refers to clever “Oom Jannie”
Being this theory and my families self-appointed Flag Sergeant
The following horary references enlightened my mind
That of the psychologist Abraham H. Maslow’s
“The poet’ language is paradoxically”
In his “Motivation and Personality”
In “Stereotyping Versus True Cognition”
Before “A Holistic Approach to Psychology”
As I will complete “HOLISM AND EVOLUTION”
And supporting resources and arguments in just one poem.
Einstein recognized him under the top ten to understand his theory completely
This part depart as “MATTER” under the ecological reference
By General Smuts of “MATTER, LIFE and MIND”
To then depart to the “Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin
Smuts revealed the theory of Man’s controlled “Mind” with
Natural Selection confused with mechanistic and technology views
He refers to the theory of “Laws of Variation” in his “LIFE”
He found comparisons to the CREATORS influence on Mankind
As did Dr. C.G. Jung in his work “The Undiscovered Self”
And Dr. Erich Formm did in his work “Escape from Freedom”
(Freedom can be frightening; Totalitarianism can be tempting)
So did I find my Field Marshal in the well-known psychiatrist
D. Viktor E. Frankl in “Man’s Search for Meaning”
He was also the made mention that the theories of “Nihilism”
From the Holocaust as some believed started
In the minds and lecture halls of certain human
Natural selected universities and not by the politicians or generals
Smuts also was familiar with “Emotional Intelligence”
As the title of Daniel Coleman’s work reveals
He also discovered the same wonders as Dr. Bernie S. Siegel
In his work “Love, Medicine and Miracles”
Which also reflects Sigmund Freud’s forces of death and life
Freud revealed in his “2.New Introductory Lectures of Psychoanalysis”
Chapter “The Dissection of the Psychical Personality”
That he as an expert can only see the external half of reality
And some of his patients could access the inner half of reality
General Smuts finalized his work with
“THE HOLISTIC UNIVERSE” reflecting the Creator
And refer to the individualistic human evolution
As “Personality as a Whole” where he actually revealed the secret of his work
A fundamental Natural Law of all ages and stages of the Creation including mankind
He revealed no matter mankind’s own natural selection by will and “MIND”
That we are subjected to one great rule in the evolutionary forces of the CREATION
Even if mankind delay or whish to oppose it Man as an individual whole
Will either destroy itself by its animalistic behavior to the lack of ethics and values
Or submit to the evolutionary forces of the CREATION
As we will find in Robert Wright’s work “The Moral Animal”
The upshot of General J.C Smuts work is based on the well known
“Golden Rule of Sections” (Wholes) of nature and the Creator
As he was definitely aware of it when drafting the United Nations, preamble
Where some ignorant thought he neglected to include God
A general with a Bible in his saddlebag during the Boer War
I can understand that poems such as mine troubled Freud
As he referred to poets being irresponsible but still can only claim his half
As the university of mankind and those poets the university of the CREATION
Therefore is Smuts “HOLISM AND EVOLUTION” my departure
Of my own work “THE CREATO THEORY” by Jarret H. Clark
Please consult my website www.thehouseofclar.co.za
I can just wonder how much time and forests was saved
With this miraculous, loving and evolutionary poem?
Done without any degree, diploma or certificate
From any Natural Selected human university
For I remain as recorded in Luke verses 17 and 18
As an unworthy servant and Gentile before the CREATOR and His will
I am diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia
Find my human rights and dignity under my short poem “Poetic” and liberty
For even still under a cultural boycott during 1989
The United States in Washington D.C. wanted to awarded me
The “Golden Poet Award” as such liberated soul
For children with my diagnosis can be blessed
With both high intelligence and the savant syndrome
As find in Dr. Darold A Treffert’s work “Extraordinary People”
And Dr. David Horrobin’s work “The Madness of Adam + Eve”
“How Schizophrenia Shaped Humanity” I rest my case
As the part of Smuts “Holism and Evolution” is shorter
Than my statements of other included works
As being from Scottish Settler decent
And a part of the “Chattan Confederation” family from Scotland
With family relations with the Smuts family
I can just out of my heart now sing
“Amazing Grace” out of amazement
To the poem and song of a liberated Scot.

14 August 2007

Former member of the
South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA)


“The Ancient Greeks (possible Egyptians and other ancient cultures – Jarret) believed that proportion in both art and life led to health and beauty. I his book “The Elements” (300 BC) Euclid demonstrated the ratio that Plato called “The Section”, which later came to be known as the Golden Section. It formed the basis of Greek art and architecture; the design of the Parthenon in Athens is governed by it. In the Middle Ages the Golden Section was considered divine: it was thought to embody the perfection of GOD’S CREATION. Renaissance artists frequently employed it as the embodiment of DIVINE LOGIC (wisdom – Jarret).

1.            POETIC

Why a poet, why indeed
Man of merit, Man in need
sowing morals like orchid seed
cultivating their country's masses in need.

History has enlightened the poet's deed
there's always a revolution for the poet's creed
the poet at work never to be seen
all the work is readily quoted
but it's heart rarely seen.

By Jarret H. Clark 1988

General Smuts loved the poet Walt Whitman’s works and possibly “O ME !, O LIFE! (1865-1866) and have with HOLISM AND EVOLUTION added his verse. – Jarret


O me ! O life !
of the questions
of these recurring,
Of the endless trains
of the faithless,
of cities fill’d with the foolish,
Of myself forever
reproaching myself,
(for who more foolish than I,
and who more faithless ?)
Of eyes that vainly crave the light,
of the objects mean,
of the struggle ever renew’d,
Of the poor results of all,
of the plodding
and sordid crowds I see around me,
Of the empty and useless years
of  the rest,
with the rest me interwined,
The question,
O me ! si sad, recurring –
What good amid these,
O me, O life ?


That you are here –
that life exists and identity,
That the powerful play goes on,
and you may contribute a verse.

(Also the foundation poem of the “Dead Poets Society”, British Academy Awards, Best Original Film Score.)

AMAZING GRACE by John Newton

Amazing grace (how sweet the sound)
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found
Was blind, but now I see.

‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
and grace my fears relieved;
how precious did that grace appear
the hour I first believed!

Through many dangers, toils and snares
I have already come:
‘tis grace has brought me safe thus far,
and grace will lead me home.

The Lord has promised good to me,
his word my hope secures;
he will my shield and portion be
as long as life endures.


We must understand that when General Smuts uses the word “FAITH” he refers to that inner feeling (Emotional Intelligence) with the CREATOR (God) and when he refers to personality, refers to the HOLISTIC PRESONALITY as in his work HOLISM AND EVOLUTION which is based on the Golden Section which recognize the CREATOR.

This fact was missed by many at the United Nations Organization (UNO), today just UN. I have faith it was in effort to find consensus that way as the term “God” would only serve for arguments of whose “God” and not to the CREATOR of the Universe.

As perceived with the Golden Section, for even this may be an argument as who founded the Golden Section or rightfully discovered it as no Man can.

For the first part of the UN’s preamble is the introduction of a Military of Defense Diplomat in recognizing the sorrow of wars and conflict.

But the real meaningful action in the UN in the second paragraph General Smuts have actually cleverly included the CREATOR by the words FAITH and reference to PERSONALITY as understood then.


The High Contracting Parties:


TO prevent a recurrence of the fratricidal strife which twice in our generation has brought untold sorrow and loss upon mankind,
TO re-establish faith in fundamental human rights in the sanctity and ultimate value of human personality, in the equal rights of men and women of nations large and small,

For what is the human personality in this Universe Created by the CREATOR without faith in Him? For mankind can perish and this Universe can still go on, evolve another type of mankind to do the real task, do Mankind think that this Universe and all Creation just revolve around mankind? Maybe that is the problem, Man think the Creator owes him or her, a pardon or that the Creator could not be without Man.

If that is the case mankind awaits its own destruction as he or she is not inline with the Golden Section nor the Creator’s intended HOLISTIC EVOLUTION. With the holistic personality and its ethical traits, Smuts actually pointed out that Man as an individual evolve spiritually within in the Holistic Universe as a metamorphosis to the next (whole) or holistic unit and not as many believe just a group or wide perspective as seen by people.

The holistic unit is fundamental Natural selected variable units as under the Golden Section and marks of the Creator and not stages of mental natural selection of mankind. For where do Man think he or she comes from, doing here and where are they departing to? – Jarret

 HOLISM is definitely derived form “Whole” and “Wholes” from the Golden Section, consult the following source (The Artist Manual” Mr. Stan Smith and Professor H.F. Ten Holt, pp 18. “The ‘Golden Mean’ was first worked out in the first century BC by Vitruvius in his treatise (De Architectura) to establish standards for proportions of columns, rooms and buildings. It was based on the concept of the ratio between two unequal parts of a WHOLE, where the proportion of the smaller to the larger is equal to that of the larger to the WHOLE.

In figure drawing, the ‘Golden Mean’ provided for a continuous halving of the body lengths and of the sections of lengths resulting from each previous division. It dictated, for example, that the distance from the foot to the knee was half the length of the WHOLE leg was half that of the WHOLE body.


During the Renaissance, the ‘Golden Mean’ was referred to as the ‘Divine Proportion’ in a work of that title published in 1509 and illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) wrote a treatise on the application of proportion to figure drawing.

Some art historians believe that Egyptian and Greek art and architecture of the fifth century BC used a concept of proportion which they term dynamic symmetry because it related closely to the symmetry of living things – such as the ratio of leaves to the plants that produce them.”


As also a red wine consumer I quote just out of Holism and Evolution’s Preface vi,

“The old concepts and formulas are no longer adequate to express our modern outlook. The old bottles will no longer hold the new wine. The spiritual temple of the future, while it will be built largely of the old well-proved materials, will require new and ampler foundations in the light of the immense extension of our intellectual horizons.

This little book indicates the lines along which my own mind has travelled in search for new and more satisfactory concepts. A generation ago, when I was an undergraduate at Cambridge, the subject of Personality (See human personality in UN’s preamble - Jarret) interested me greatly, and I wrote a short study on “Walt Whitman: a Study in the Evolution of Personality,” in order to embody the results I had arrived at.

This study was never published, but the subject continued at odd intervals to engage my attention. Gradual I came to realize that Personality was only a special case of a much more universal phenomenon (possibly mention the Golden Section or Mean-Jarret), namely, the existence of wholes and the tendency towards wholes and wholeness in nature.

In 1910 I sought relief from heavy political labours in an attempt to embody my new results in a study called “An Inquiry into the Whole,” which was also not published. I had no time to return to the subject, in 1924, a change of government released me of burdens which I had continuously borne for more than eighteen years.

When I came to read once more the MS. (Manuscript- Jarret) of fourteen years earlier I found much of the scientific settings out of date and I found my conception of Holism (Coined Holism – Jarret) had also altered in certain respects. I therefore decided once more to make a fresh start with my study of wholes and Holism in nature. The present work is the first-fruits of this fresh effort.”

End quote of Smuts of September 1925 at Irene, Transvaal an incident that my bar-coded Identikit book after been renewed December 2004 also indicate that I currently reside in the “Transvaal” with a strange town consuming “Irene” called “Centurion”. It is also certain Smuts intended more works on Holism as fruits of his labour.-Jarret

The term of the “Holy Spirit” is know like the “Golden Section or Mean” by almost all if not all that have a religious foundation. I found much discrimination by assumptions training and misconception with the material world and far removed from their internal world. The same internal world you would find the “Holy Spirit”, “Circumcised Hearts”, “The supreme God Head” and other similar terms under our world’s communities.

I found it striking to find that the some religions more accurately can identify the “Holy Spirit” in the right full place of being close to the heart, where I found from the earliest paintings in the western world could only focus around worthy heads with halo’s, doves or fire coming down from heaven to highlight their clever heads.

The “Holy Spirit” is the centre of pure truth and when that truth are realised by some minds in heads then they would realise where that halo’s come from as realisation that the mind is not perfect, unworthy and a slave to such truth.

Some who have never watched birds from innocent chickens to doves would realise that a certain circumstances doves like other would kill and even consume each other, the relevance of the “Holy Spirit” is to reveal a true message from the heart of all living things and the term living things means things that live by the Creator’s Creation laws including the Golden Section or Mean.

It may even apply to smaller things beyond atoms as to greater things beyond our universe. It was out of this holistic picture Smuts saw the real world’s hearts where others failed to envisaged it.

For I find many do not realised that the “Abraham” based religions of living water, perfect love of Jesus is symbolized in the Paradise’s tree of ever living life as the Holy Spirit is symbolised by the tree of the knowledge be good and evil, but I never heard it ever preached or understood, except by this Gentile in the order of Mel-chis’-e-dec, the king of Salem.

This king is the first Priest of the God of the most high from Abraham to Jesus in Hebrews and was the first to be recoded to receive a ten of gains in the name of the Creator.

Never was this king ever explained by external records but well explained in internal records of the “Holy Spirit” or as people truly know it in their hearts perfect language and not the imperfect language of man, where words can be twisted and manipulated by their meanings over time.

The “Holy Sprit” and even in other terms known, are so small and out of reach of mankind that it resized in all of creation big and small and never could Man ever obtain it to control, command, manipulate, sell or destroy it.

Smuts know this and that is why he wrote it into the United Nations (Organization’s) preamble for the ill informed. It is his preverbal individualistic rock of Daniel which destroys that evil human statue of greed of earthly things and power above others which initiated the “Fratricide” (War between brothers and sisters) in this world for so long as man is king.

If I stand back and view it as such an artist does it more provide the correct picture of Smuts as such a personality and person he himself described in his book as the “Holistic Personality” and as the “Human Personality” in the United Nations preamble.

I believe as the author and diplomat that this work when correctly understood which include that by Smuts would serve to clarify and unite people of “faith” in the “Human Personality” at the United Nations much more than ever before.

I quote from Dr. Viktor E. Frankl’s work “The Will to Meaning”, pp 145, “Man is incapable of understanding the ultimate meaning of human suffering because ‘mere thinking cannot reveal to us the highest purpose,’ as Albert Einstein once said. I would say that the ultimate meaning, or as I prefer to call it, the supra-meaning is no longer a matter of thinking but rather a matter of believing. We do not catch hold of it on intellectual grounds but on existential grounds, out of our whole being, i.e., through faith.”

I feel such as the chair of the famous Rabbi Loew at Prague’s medieval Alt Neu Synagogue and of Dr. Frankl’s chair for Dr. Sigmund Freud for psychoanalysis and psychology, so should a chair be left open for General Smuts at the United Nations.

Yours truly,

From a man with not a “beautiful Mind” but such “Heart” as he first serve THE CREATOR with love and then mankind and the Creation.