Wisdom of the mind 55.

A true sage would only admit of being unworthy by him or her self of great wisdom, for such wisdom are given and taken by the Creator through His “Holy Spirit”, “Supreme God Head” or in other similar human terms as we know it.

But greater is this sage if those qualities of wisdom is also accompanied by its first born being the Son of Love, “Jesus”, “Krishna” or as other know him in human language.

But even greater is the moment when such sage who is already rare found another such sage in their lifetime.

Yet greater is that moment when those two sages found that they are husband and wife, for that fulfilment would be the most honourable intention of a loving and free marriage in this material world.

For it would complete the Creators will, amongst man and woman as originally intended and would form one such golden section of His designed as a whole (holistic unit) and the next evolution of His designed is eminent for those who remain true to Him in such away.