Wisdom of the mind 56.

From our birth to our death we all may claim a better religion and faith.

Yet strangely in any religion of mankind it was not the religion itself but the greater faith in the Creator above the religions of mankind. For this world we live in may know a perfect Creator, a perfect Truth and a perfect Love does itself not realize it is an imperfect world and therefore also mankind.

The same reason why a collective religion abstractly shaped by mankind’s individual mind and imperfectly share with another as such dogma could never replace one person (individual’s) more perfect faith and understanding of the perfect Creator.

Therefore is it not religion and our collective justification that save us but our shedding of mankind’s imperfection dictation to the Creator through such religion and collective dogmas.

For where was the group always the savior of mankind? Yet those few individuals who always made the difference and their difference was something more special than human dogmas and religious scriptures prescribed to them of that time. For they found more perfection in the Truth, Love of the Creator him self than that of mankind.

Therefore would we find the perfect religion and faith of perfect revealing Truth, the ever saving Love and the perfect Creator in whose body we reside only individually through the Creator Himself and His good servants who lives in His heavens.

Therefore must every individual detached him or herself from the human norm and attached themselves to the perfect Truth, saving Love and bow down as non prescriptive and worthy servants to the Creator as their savior and not to mankind’s imperfect religions which so many corrupted either by force, word or just mind to gain their own material and spiritual advantage.

It is for this reason and recognition of the perfect Creator, His perfect Truth in His Spirit and His perfect Love in the Savior, that I would only reflect His Truth’s perfect light as an unworthy servant to the perfect Spiritual Truth residing in each individuals spiritual heart’s temple where the Creators Spirit reside.

By doing just that I sent them to more perfection I could ever attain my assisting them by myself, I recognize my imperfection and limitations as such unworthy servant but recognize the perfection of the Creator himself, His perfect Spirit of Truth and therefore also His Loving Savior.

I recognize all creation as the creation of the Father the Creator and that it could only reside and exist within His body and that therefore all creation is my neighbors. By doing such I would first respect and love my Father the Creator and then my neighbors as myself as prescribed as the greatest covenant of the Creator.