Wisdom of the mind 6

Two great professors in argument of who is the greatest came to an old Wiseman and ask him if he is then so wise which one of them is then the greatest? The Wiseman then produced a child who only asked the both of them one question, “Why am I not as great as you?”

The first professor said “that you must first grow up and if you can learn and achieve all the greatness as I did, then you to will be great.” The second professor said you are already a great person for asking such a question all by yourself and I learned from you, for that is from were I started from and is today still in search of that greatness by the grace of people like you.”

The professors ask the Wiseman to decide and again he presented the child and the child said “I could not learn from the greatness of the first professor for I was too young without freedom of mind and was not great in his eyes but I could learn from the second professor for I was already great in his eyes and had freedom of mind as he started from such greatness himself.

Then I must have learned form the greatest professor.” The professors asked the Wiseman why he used a child and he answered “great wisdom start from the spirit in the Holy Spirit then the mind of a child and if I did not value that I would not be wise a man, for to many people want to be great and important by only vices such like the statute and symbol that they then loose the freedom of their minds, even this one child has more wisdom of a real world well beyond the controlled man’s limited and abstract minds.

For this child can survive and evolve into an higher being of mind with his wisdom, but an controlled mind by mankind would only at its best maintain itself until it become extinct. Such is the free statutes and symbols of holistic nature available for the wise.”