Wisdom of the mind 7

No human can really know everything for our minds are abstract and limited and to take ownership by claiming things from the Farther (Creator) and deny Him or his neighbour by it is breaking the fundamental covenant “Love thy Farther (Creator) above all and love thy neighbour to have access and benefit to it as thy self”.

Did Jesus not reveal it in the desert when evil wanted to award Him with the Farther the Creator’s creation? For I fear the Farther the Creator more than Caesar, for Caesar may have the right to our temporary life but even above Caesar have the Farther the Creator the right above your permanent life.

For even Jesus revealed that only the Farther the Creator is good and only He knows the final time and no human would.

For if a human know everything it is what he or she wanted to know and left out what they do not know, but if a human make a statement or a creation to provide debate to learn from others he or she is in contact with his or her neighbour and will in the love of it find the truth of their hearts.