Wisdom of the mind 8

How many know what a SYNTHESIS is and how it works? It is one of the five major styles of thinking. We generally consist out of all five strategies but are more strong in a few of them and lesser in some others because of our thinking traits. Most people will know the other four, Idealist, Pragmatist, Analyst and Realist, yet few ever knows about the synthesist as I listen to people trying to understand me.

This is an recognized major style of thinking and in my case very extreme as I did the InQ test (not to be confused by or related with IQ or EIQ) and I tested some other peoples in the same work “The Art of Thinking, (Hardcover as STYLES OF THINKING), Strategies and techniques you can use every day to achieve more personal growth, wealth and happiness” by Allen F. Harrison and Robert M. Bramson, PHD.

This book was written because people think about things in different ways (Excluding the differences in IQ and EIQ). Eleven percent of people taking the InQ test show in their results a preference for the Synthesist trait. To “synthesize” means, essentially, to make something new and original out of things those, by themselves, seem very different from each other. Combining different things – especially ideas – in that way is what Synthesists like to do.

Their favourite thought process is likely to be speculative. The motto of the Synthesist is “What if …?” Synthesists are integrators. They like to discover two or more things that to other people may appear to have little or no relationship, and find ways to fit them into a new, creative combination. Synthesists aren’t particularly interested in compromise, consensus, or agreement on the “best” solution to a problem.

What they look for, instead, is some perspective that will produce a “best fit” (most accurate/true) solution, linking the seemingly contradictory views. Synthesists work this way because they assume that no two people are likely to agree (perfectly) about “facts.”

Facts to them are not nearly as important as the inferences that people make from them. Unlike the other Styles of Thinking, Synthesists know that people really do disagree about the facts. And that, for Synthesists, is one fact that makes life exciting.

ORIENTATION (All other styles have a similar layout for their orientation.)


Integrative view
Sees likeness in apparent unlikes
Seeks conflict (not physical or such related violence) and synthesis
Interested in change
Data meaningless
w/o interpretation


Focus on underlying assumptions
Point out abstract conceptual aspects
Good at preventing over-agreement
Best in controversial, conflict-laden situations

Provides debate & creativity (especially when self physically completing most of the tasks successfully.

For theory and abstraction is one thing that the other traits can debate as just wind but actual reality of these theories and abstractions in practice is a fact which they can not debate as just nothing relevant and then has to make sense of it and the consequences of it, as in my case.

Therefore they only seek out my weaknesses and faults as a know it all and not see the trait for what it really is, because they want to feel comfortable in their Maintenance Society.

See my first staff paper “A Sociological Perspective of Management in the Military Society” in which I came second as this was the very basis of this concept and I was only about 25 years old then. That is why I can be were I am today and did what I did that did not seem relevant to others then.

The Creation has an orderly set and great plan but most of mankind must still find it from their own maintenance of which they fear losing control in to chaos, and this is how we can test if we are demy gods.)


May screen out agreement
May seek conflict unnecessary
May try too hard for change & newness
May theorize excessively
Can appear uncommitted

(Now combine this style with Schizophrenia, EIQ, IQ and knowledge, ability, resources, personality and character and you will find a person like me in touch more with nature and its perfect truths we struggle to understand than mankind and its own perception of a limited truth and sometimes confused as a perfection.)

We must consider how strong this trait was with people such as Jesus as it reflects greatly in some parables such as the “Lost Son”, “The Samaritan” and particularly “Jesus working on the Sabbath” and “Not Himself but only God the Farther and Creator being good”.

Most people follow their norms and those during those times saw it context as conflict seeking as they saw Him as a person like me and not as some saw Him today perfect as God, other wise He would then not be hated by them and crucified as some whish to hunt me down and think I know all or think I am better. This was no different for Jesus or others like Him.

The situation and person has changed but the moral is that most people have not and still perceive us as they did then, and that is what Jesus tries to say that if evil prosecutes against Him it will against us who is like Him. For the Synthesist know to seek the real truth of the world and the reality of perfection as well as the perfection in and between mankind.

But most people only see the facts and consensus as a reality in what works and then call it an absolute truth and protect it as uniting force of total agreement for the sake of agreement alone. This we find what we want to achieve by making such agreements policy, statute and laws.

These laws eventually today are greater in number and volume that the Bible. Then why did Jesus ever come to us and only mentioned that what is only necessary is the greatest covenant and that it replaces all other laws so that people can keep to them as they really matter to just get one thing, and that is everlasting life and approval at the judgment of the God the Farther (Creator).

If this is the work and thoughts of the Farther and Jesus to direct perfection by limiting agreement and consensus to one such great covenant for everything then why do we as mankind have to write laws and its interpretation to such an extend that its content is by far greater than that of the Bible or other such religious laws, are we not defeating the principal with such actions because of searching perfection and truth of implementation and interpretation by doing so?

It is because mankind suppress their own Synthesists in them and don’t understand it that they have a problem of it for Man fear change and intellectual conflict in this dualistic world where very little can ever be perfect even in most of things we consider sound facts. Because it works in its parameters and tolerances we consider it perfect and true, that is far from perfection and the truth, for the little more truth and perfection of these tolerances got Jesus crucified my mankind who thought they were write in the end who could not even stand by Him during His stand.

For the Farther the Creator does not know your imperfect tolerances, parameters, consensus, agreements, laws, interpretations as His own, as He is perfect. Therefore can we as mankind not impose this perfection on Him, and this is what the Synthesists know and seek. Yes mankind want to pride him or herself in their work and little truth we found but we must not neglect these discoveries to lose it by priding and enriching ourselves by it over the cause or others but by giving it and expressing it as servants of the Farther and Creator.

For we as man are more tested the more perfect and true we came with the Farther and Creator and less tested if we find consensus and agreement in the so called truths and perfect interpretations of mankind, who is out to get those few who are proper Synthesists. For the more truthful and perfect they really became the more mankind will hate them and those few who recognize and love them will recognize the influence of the Farther and Creator in them for His love and creation will also shine in them.

This is the basic postulate I refer to as the CREATO in the Creato theory on which I have worked for as long as what I could remember. For the Synthesists know he or she is not the Farther the Creator and seek out everything in the creation as it is both holistic part of itself, smaller parts and part of the whole creation, and therefore always in relation.

But most other thinking traits see them selves as absolutes and demy gods to decide they are right such as the Realist, Idealist, Empirical Annalists (As our senses are our limitations and not that of the Farther and Creator) and Pragmatists who feel safe with the majority or self approved type of people.

Therefore do they see themselves as little gods and want to interpret as God and for God with their limitations to themselves and to others.

The true Synthesists know God the Farther (Creator) is everything, truth and perfect and only allow His inspiration (Holy Spirit/and its synthesis) will lead them as its servant of all creation and not God itself as the other little gods want to dictate to in their consensus and then single those few Synthesists out as serving themselves and hidden agendas for these demy gods only know themselves and their own agendas as reference and find so called false harmonious and peaceful consensus by it as based in their own demy god facts and agreement, to maintain what I called the Maintenance Society.

For we may fear change and insecurity in this already perfect Creation of God the Farther (Creator) that we do not want to evolve and change with this Creation into the beings and persons we should have but found consensus and agreement in our limited scope of what change we should have and allow as the demo gods I describe.

Therefore He said “Give onto Caesar which is Cesar’s and God which is God’s, give recognition for the imperfect animal in us control its instincts to horde and feel safe in its limitations and rather give on to God’s perfection the human in us to develop (constant change under its influence as unique individuals not our limited control and supervision as an absolute.), all we had to keep was the greatest covenant.

If we could not even keep this one greatest covenant which comes in two parts, how can we as servants and even those greater demy gods keep any other law and if they can how is their laws of agreement and consensus really save them in the end?

Yes the Synthesists is a problem chilled in his or her search and development but once they are allowed to find service under the Farther the Creator they really seek they find fulfilment of their traits and will start to develop the qualities of the Farther (Creator) His Creation as its servants and not demy gods as those who persecute them as a nuisance, disturbance, conflict seeking and know it alls. For their faults and limitations is because they are just humans but their abilities and knowledge may be the influence of the perfect and holistic Farther (Creator) and if we do not recognize that then these demy gods (Caesars) are more blind in agreement than all the lightness and living water in the world.

For the true Synthesists can only develop and perfectly find them with the Farther (Creator) as it they are seeking and not in mankind’s consensus which they are not seeking. For most find consensus and agreement with human society but the Synthesists is special he or she can only find rest in the consensus and agreement of only the Farther the Creator and the whole synthesis of the Creation from the smallest to the largest whole as their complete society.

Believe me the Syntesists is by far more helpful than what some want to believe; it is more important to assists development of this trait correctly with love and understanding than by force of the qualities of other traits.

The Synthesists must remember they are only servants and should be humble as we are also still human and imperfect even if we search for more perfection and the holistic relationship. For if we were perfect this imperfect world would not have been our place, so we to are not only searching perfection and truth but through it developing our faults and imperfections to in our own nature if we are justly allowed to express ourselves.

It is not that we have the last say it is because in our development and creativity we are never perfect and can not find a conclusion in mankind’s perfection. It is just our way of expressing it, the last say belong to the Farther the Creator for He is good, but in our say we give tribute to Him not ourselves when other people request our ears and minds but not our souls (right to own identity and reason in the body of our spirit).

The Synthesist sees in an others conclusion the opportunity of a new departure and that is the right of our trait as was given by the Farther the Creator to wake both the Synthesists up as well as the others who are willing to see the light in it.

For the last say is not ours for we are faulty but a flicker of light from the Creation it self of which we as Synthesists and you are only a small part of. This departure is our realization of a new change and development by which we can learn from our imperfection and this include the own faults and imperfection of the Synthesist, they realize it in their expression of it.

For where do you think comes that urge of expression, their own will’s or the drive or realization of the Creations influence of the Farther the Creator? Does He not always ask questions of us and do we not always learn from Him?

We must realize where the Synthesists trait comes from not the self but from further than his or hers spirit it self. To explain it, we all can have a general conceptual view of Genetics and Genes which contain all the formulas of our personal information and we seek to chance these genes to benefit ourselves.

Have we ever took the time to think what intelligence and from where must interpreted those genes and their information to make work of them?

Now that intelligence drives our inner most being and is what I mean in context with the Creation (Nature) and the basis of the Holy Spirit debate as its very contact and relationship, not only of that human hole but smaller and the greater of it in the context of the Farther the Creator.

This is the other fundamental basis and point of the CREATO theory. Do not seek justice for your interpretation in another’s words and abstract expressions as that may be coming from more than just themselves for in their actual physical deeds you will know their true selves only as it takes much more than just expression. For expression is closer to the human instinct as we are physical creations of this world both animal and human, it is how our souls interpreted this instincts which makes us animals (Demy gods) or humans (servants) of the Farther the Creator.

For the Synthesists may seek conflict and change but test it with the hate and love concept and you will know the true nature at the end of expression as the animal hates more perfection and change and the real human will love you by changing to more perfection.

Therefore is their never a conclusion but only a new beginning until we all find the holistic truth of both our individuals, mankind and Creation in perfection. The real and true Synthesists will never deny it in their effort to a conclusion therefore their trait to find a closure to other people and their own concepts of agreement or interpretation.

It is not because they are better, more clever or know more than others it is that inner instinct of us that knows the Farther the Creator, His Creation which call on us not to neglect it that make us react that way. For in our true selves by expressing these fundamentals in the end actually remind us of our limits, faults and weaknesses so that we seek a new beginning to change and develop ourselves where others think we are better than them or want to know all or want to be more clever than them.

They need to realize where we come form to really understand why we are different to them and still justifiably is a real and recognized thinking trait. We only ask to understand us and not to be like us as the others now request from us, for we understand you and do not expect to be like us, just allow us that freedom of our own and self expression that is the only human right we ask from you, to be that different and like you all. For as a unity of all traits we make the whole picture but by excluding us our right of expression there is no real whole of our traits as there is by excluding any of your traits.

It is for that reason all humans have all these traits in them and specialize in some more than others, it is there that if we want to we can accommodate others when we want to just allow them to express themselves in their own traits and not demand your own as an absolute.

For we as Synthesist only want to express ourselves when we do it and do not want to impose our will on others to do the same as some of you require from us. All I want is the freedom and the right of free expression of my thinking trait as it is otherwise I am discriminated against and stigmatized by those who could not even change and realize this little difference in us as mankind.

Do not judge others by your own reference or selves for they are unique individuals and should be judge accordingly as different entities not by generalization of conception, agreement or such facts as they ten are themselves no other than the assumptions claimed from the Synthesists formulation and traits. We are there to freely and fully express ourselves and only once we all can do so we can realize our differences and then make work then only to find agreement to a basic standard which still allow for our individuality and differences so that we have that individual freedom as we should be as individualist in such democratic principal.

There is no true trait being Realist, Idealist, Analyst, Pragmatist or even Synthesist but the combination of everyone but do not ask the Sythesists to be silent and not freely express themselves as the other may that is not fair nor is any arguments to do so as featured for being holistic we need everybody’s expression fairly for allowing mine in complete freedom and totality I can allow all yours and believe me I who are maybe one of the most gifted by this trait will accommodate all of you and recognize you for I will represent you and protect you even totally opposed because of my traits nature to recognize you difference.

Just give me a place and freedom to totally express myself in my way to as you do, I know I am different, not generally understood and in most cases misunderstood due to no reference, but just aglow me the freedom to say my say as it only is with all its faults. I do not want to convince you or control you only to express myself, if it is forcefully it may because it was so unfairly repressed and confined for such as long time that the pressure is still great.

But give it time it will deflate and blend in with the others as it will recognize you and once understood for its role and benefits you will know were to use and place these traits effectively and not repress them as un wanted traits that cause conflict, know it all or want the last say but as those who secure the whole representative of everybody and concepts at their hearts including you.

But we because of some misunderstanding was never understood and could never freely express ourselves fairly and if we could people in the past could have avoided all the trouble they had then, now and hopefully the future, for it is in the Synthesists nature and traits to seek out these differences in advance and resolve them before they become the real issues that they have become which caused us more pain than that little discomfort the Synthesists reasoning and thinking may cause you.

For their ability to see these conflicting points and their relation is a benefit once understood as any resolve or agreement with their addition will be stronger once fully understood and unlisted. All we want is also our place in the Sun as some may think we are restless and ever changing people, we after expression also tone down and take it slower in a more restful nature to develop our other thinking traits as the major one is well expressed and satisfied, in other words after freely expressing themselves will the Synthesists become more like you for they by nature seek also your traits and the same needs in them as you own.

(The Synthesists motto should read “Investigate all possibilities but retain the good” which should be qualified as avoid the bad, and express it all good and bad to the benefit of other individuals ant traits according to the Synthesists influence by the Creation (Natural) instinct which drive them to become more human and leave the conflict and hate of the animal behind. For those who were in search for the mark of the animal they should keep this in mind.

For some of you pride themselves about their spirit ness and physical cleanliness outside even above me but have they ever considered really the most important human trait their cleanliness inside? For that mark you can only wash off with the living water, the Greatest Covenant.)

The reason we were never mentioned before and not understood by society in particular of South Africa is who many people before this piece or the works by authorities behind it knew what a Synthesist is and how to manage it in relation to the other traits that of the Realist, Idealist, Pragmatist and Analyst?

This is the real cause of our concern that we are a recognized main trait by authority but not recognized as such by a miss informed community and society who can not relate to us and therefore feel the way they do about me and other people like me un justifiable to their own rights of expression that are excepted and they enjoy.

The question they should rather ask themselves than all my bad points and faults is why did they not know about the Synthesist and how to manage it for if they could we would not have ever came to our original conclusions and maybe made that many mistakes we made in the past and present and hopefully not the future. For we and I do not claim any Para-normal abilities other than what is referred to as possibilities in this little discussion as some others may believe but we and I certainly investigate every avenue of humanity and the Creation for it is the nature of our trait.

But as I did here rather remain eventually with a more sound view as to come and tell you I am in contact with Aliens or speak directly with spirits or God as we do between ourselves. This will by my experience remind me of my mental illness (Paranoid Schizophrenia) and its delusional, hallucinations and other psychotic symptoms of which I have first hand experience of and can distinguish better from that do not.

I provides a better basis to know in which scientific direction I could research or discover and which is more a dream or my imagination for we can distinguish better from it because of our experience and the better we can do it the more healthy and capable we become.

For we discover faults, weaknesses and new answers, resources, skills, aptitude, how to change and learn, information, abilities and capabilities so that we become less disabled and mentally ill (biologically), for why then the medication?

Because you can not see my wheelchair of missing limb or part I can not be disabled give you the right to treat and view me different. That will be no different to my psychotic episode as we make the same assumptions on baseless facts such as this one. But other ignorant will believe those with these baseless facts far more than the authoritive, credible and scientific recognized fact of the existing Synthesists trait and how to manage it properly.

Because we seem in South Africa and elsewhere in some parts live in a world without Synthesists who are denied their human right of equal, fair and freedom of expression if I view how people are just interpreting and treating me. Yet they have full right to such freedom of expression over even my existence never mind trait and the management there of.

I and other world wide authorities (experts) should question our authorities (experts) and associated society for the lack of knowledge in their expert opinion which they seemingly already have about me and others like me and place these authorities and peoples ignorance on the same basis as they did to us and give them some of their own medicine just to give them the experience how it taste like to be so misrepresented as a recognized fact.

No wonder the need of the Synthesist to highlight this missing fact to these intelligent people for their judgmental knowledge, for with out this trait they would have missed it and for ever in wonder, wonder why people miss behave like this and not being rightfully informed ever recognize the Synthesist behaviour the way world authorities at university level before 1982 when this work was published.

I tested already in 1995 in South Africa as having a preferance style as a Synthesist, for and they who are authorities in a long tradition in such related science and informed on this concept do recognize something we seem to have missed in this country both on intellectual and social level where most could give me the definitions of the other four traits freely and not the Synthesist’s trait where it really matters in this country’s constitution and mental welfare.

For what I do not understand why these clever people can keep all the other laws of state and science but not this simple Great Covenant and Law “Love your Farther the Creator above all and love your neighbour as yourself, because if they could they would not hate and challenge all forms of love but recognize it in all its forms and nourish it like living water and the tree or fruit of life as the seal of the Farther and Creator is Love not Hate and challenge to it for those that do are already challenging Him in their own judgment with hat same hate full pain I can see in them.

For I am only the Farther the Creator’s servant and human like all of you and each one could still have its rightful place in the Creation and Nature as His servants of love but I can just wonder about those who challenge Him like evil with hate and related thoughts which only they themselves control as what I call the demy gods.