Wisdom of the mind 9

Dear neighbour (For those who continually test me rather than themselves over the ages your still remain the same)

It is my belief of the great covenant “Love the Creator above else and your neighbour as yourself”, therefore can I not discriminate against my neighbour as I will discriminate against my Creator, It is not that I want to insult you or convert you to a religion. I am an African not only by birth on this soil but by evolutionary decent.

I have great respect for all humans which include great Africans not only Nelson Mandela but people like you who can make a real difference if we realise evil is hate, abuse, control, and crime and Good (the Creator is love) and kindness in which I write this letter. For I am considered disabled, Mentally ill (Paranoid Schizophrenic) and is the South African Federation of Mental Health’s psychiatric service user representative, believe me I see how fellow Africans suffer and those of other African Countries even more, and I care greatly for them.

I do not want any riches of money that is offered but the riches of love from my neighbour is by far greater than all the numbers you may ad to it. And even if I am wrong I still remain by this statement, provide my winnings to an African Mental Health Consumer Movement in aid of all those who are the poorest of the poor. For the poor can still enjoy their health and sustain them selves, but the mentally ill can not even provide for themselves. I kindly donate these monies lovingly to those, but I do not believe in it though.

As my donation of love and understanding is greater asset than those monies for we all come from families and dear ones, we may have those around us that call them your friends but realize today you have met a real friend in kindness and love who value you just as you are. A plain humble African who see in African people a greater future if we can just work constructively together.

My words of love may seem cheap and worthless to you but if you value material things you seem to offer more all I can offer you my Poetry Book on sale for R 60-00, I will forward it to you for Free to any destination, friend or family member or location that may suite you.

For more information as you have my information view my website www.thehouseofclark.co.za. I come from the Rainbow nation, peace and love no money can buy as my goodwill to you, Africa and the rest of the World. For as my slogan say “I invest in your mental health” for you are still a soul and a special person as we all are.

May you meet more such kind people in this world as it is dualistic 50% bad and 50% good and we can only see limits and in abstraction. Therefore we can only see what we want to see, so you may see me as you want to see me but remember I meant you no harm because of this Great covenant most of the worlds clever people can not attain even when they can attain the great laws of authorities and the great laws of science can they not attain this simple law of the Creator.

I all kindness and love I shared you my wisdom and that little worth of assets I could bestow on you and may be Africa. So kindly you do not need my bank details or anything more but the nearest World Federation of Mental Health Office to benefit those I donate it to.

But remember what I donate to you in kindness value more to me for not one of you are seen as a lesser neighbour and you have gave me a greater gift to give rather to you than you gave to me as in it I gave to the Creator who is both your Farther and mine. May this Creator be with you as the memory of me for I sell you no religion than your own and your own freedom to be kind and love your own.